The Small Truck That Can: 2015 Chevy Colorado

Small truck segment forms a major chunk of sales figures for many manufacturers around the world, but until recently was a dwindling segment in the US. The Toyota Tacoma has been the key player in the states as it offered a great value for money package, followed up by the Nissan Frontier. Other manufacturers have cut their US deliveries, and it was looking that Chevy was headed that way before this brand new Colorado. Chevrolet has updated its Colorado mid size pickup to give a tough competition to the Tacoma and has easily succeeded in it, bringing the small truck crown back to the American manufacturers and really showing the solid direction Chevy is headed with their vehicles.

This truck features a very simple yet elegant design making use of fine flowing lines which merge with the accentuated curves to give this truck a pleasant look. In the front, the large trapezoidal grill along with the nicely designed headlamps gives the truck a sharp look. Black cladding on the bumper and chrome finish on the fog lamps add more appeal to the face to face of the truck. In the profile view, the wide wheel arches indicate this truck’s ability to handle rough terrain with great ease.  Overall the truck has been intelligently designed giving it a good road presence with a simple design theme, and actually feels and looks like a bigger truck overall as it hits the road.

The cabin has been designed to give its occupant an upmarket feel. All black interiors with silver inserts look very modern. The central console features a 8 inch color touch screen display which provides you all the necessary information. Use of high quality plastics elevates the overall appeal of the car. There are ample storage spaces provided inside the cabin to store small bottles and packets etc. The cabin itself is very huge and can accommodate five people with great ease and its high roof ensures headroom for taller people. Even on the great roads of Colorado, the vibrations and bumps didn’t come through as much as I would have expected, and even though it still drives like a truck, it remains firmly planted to the ground.

Two engine options are available with this truck. First, a standard 2.5 litre inline four cylinder engine which is good enough for 200 brake horsepower. This is sufficient for day to day needs and can efficiently tow up to 3500 pounds but does lack a bit of the umph needed here in the mile high state and over the mountains. Second is the 3.6 litre V6 unit which produces 305 horsepower and has a towing capacity of 7000 pounds, which more than met my needs hitting the road. Both these unit provide a decent fuel economy of 27 mpg and 21 mpg respectively. While the V6 was great, I truly cannot wait for the diesel version to hit the roads as it will continue the Colorado’s game changer attitude.

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is a capable pickup truck and more than proves that the small truck is here to stay and has growth potential in the US market. With the great features, technology, and design, it is also one that wont be getting lost in the sea of trucks anytime soon.