Losing Data Is No Longer an Excuse

We’ve all been there, searching our phone for a photo took long ago, wondering whatever happened to that moment in time that can never be repeated. From a baby’s first step to a chance encounter with a celebrity crush, these are moments that we cherish and want to share in the future. But there we sit, scrolling and scrolling, and finding nothing.

Backup options exist, from clouds to computers, but aren’t always reliable. Your cloud storage could be downgrading the quality of the photo, and backing up on a computer is a few more steps than most of us want to take. And with that, the issue of having to always remember where you backed up, if you even did, to find that long lost, hopefully not forever, photo is just stressful enough.

And then there is the issue of running out of storage on our phones. Files and apps are getting bigger, but phone storage is even more expensive. While a 16gig iPhone might last a month or two in my house, I find myself picking and choosing which apps or files to keep so I can download even the next update. And with no option for a microSD on the iDevices, that sometimes means losing a few photos, movies, or files I might want in the future.

Running out of space should no longer be an excuse.

And it isn’t. SanDisk has heard our woes and concerns and developed an incredible solutions. The SanDisk iXpand, a product we have looked at in the past, is more than just an extra file storage for the on the go family man and business traveler. It’s the perfect complement to the everyday carry, the new, small device to not forget at home even for Sunday brunch with the parents.


Easily installed and used, the iXpand is a flash drive for the iPhone and iPads with the Lightning port, bringing anywhere between 16 and 128gb of extra storage to the Apple products. Plugging it in, you can easily backup, restore, and even transfer the files to the drive for storage through the SanDisk app. Bringing the additional little piece to the table does not make it more difficult to share, and passing the phone or tablet around to be checked out by friends is just as easy.


What’s more is the functionality it brings to the iDevices. Apple is known for locking down on certain video formats, often making it a bit more difficult to play home films not recorded or converted on their mobile OS. But SanDisk brings their own media player to the mobile app, allowing those home videos in various formats to be played direct from the iXpand. This alongside the easy to use photo viewer makes it one of the best, all in one applications you can use for media.

So while your friends are scrambling to buy more space in the cloud, or find that photo from before their last restore, you have no excuse anymore. The SanDisk iXpand puts all the storage you need in the palm of your hand.

So as we said, running out of space is no longer an excuse.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SanDisk. The opinions and text are all mine.