Things You Probably Didn’t Know Existed: Bulletproof Items

If you look at the market nowadays, you can see all sorts of products for sale. Household items, gardening, DIY crafts, new hobby stuff, almost anything that pops into your mind will surely be obtainable. You might be thinking that you have already seen everything, but there are things you probably didn’t know existed, and some of them are in this extensive list of bulletproof items. And why bulletproof items? From protection in the day-to-day to traveling to areas that might be a little more dangerous than home, it is better to be safer than injured, or worse, killed.

Going around your neighborhood can make you feel a little bit iffy and nervous at some point. With the current crime rate and gun control law slackening, you will never know what will be happening outside. This is why plenty of bulletproof items surface nowadays, and if you’re looking for added protection you can continue reading for some new and improved bulletproof items.

Bulletproof Apparel

If you might be thinking that there is already a bulletproof vest that people can use for protection, we all know that it is tacky and indiscreet. This is why there are apparels now that can protect you and your family nonchalantly. Upper body, and most especially your head will be the common target when there is shooting, this is why you need all the protection you can get for these parts. There is a bulletproof hat that will give you discreet protection anytime and anywhere. You might be thinking that it is impossible that a hat can do that, but they are made to stop certain bullets from entering your head, some of the common rounds it can prevent are .40 and 45 caliber. Another item is a bulletproof hoodie that you can even unzip so it still looks fashionable while it is still protecting you. It comes with different colors so you can wear it casually not unlike a bulletproof vest that can be just incorporated with certain outfits. 

Bulletproof Items in School

Watching the news you can see rampant shooting targeted in school, and it might be a worry for you to send your kids to school without protection. Now you don’t need to worry because there are plenty of bulletproof items that can be casually added on kids (and teachers) school days. For your peace of mind, you can buy a bulletproof backpack, you can keep your belongings safe and most importantly yourself. If shootings are occurring, just wear the bag in front or on your back before hiding under the table or behind any wall. As an alternative that you can buy for yourself or convince the school to invest in, there are bodyguard bulletproof blankets that are made especially for kids in school, it looks like a big pad that has straps to keep it in place. It will serve as an additional layer of protection, moreover, there are also bulletproof whiteboards that were created in 2013. This is formed with ballistic armor panels that will block out any bullets aimed at you. Since whiteboards are big this is a practical buy for schools since a lot of kids can use this as a hiding place and a shield.


General Items

Since mass shootings are very common, even some household and general items have been made bulletproof. If ever there is a danger in your house, there are couch cushions that you can use as defense cover while you are getting ready to run or defend yourself. The best thing about it is it has plenty of design that can match your interior so it doesn’t look tacky and can be disguised as normal decoration. Also, if you want extreme protection you can purchase a gun safe which is disguised as a bed. This bulletproof bed can store guns, any important belongings and can also serve as a hiding place from burglars. Lastly, believe it or not, there are bulletproof kayaks that are being made now, the cases and materials are completely bulletproof, if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, then you can safely paddle away from danger.

Many people say that prevention is better than cure, and we might think people are getting paranoid nowadays, but we will never know when the next incident will happen. Even though you don’t have any enemies, you can also be a target anytime, and unpredictable scenarios can happen. You can consider getting any of these items that can give you protection in different manners. It may feel awkward wearing them the first time but, because of all the benefits and security that it can provide, you should start gearing up.