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6 Good Reasons Why RV Owners Should Invest In A Portable Generator

Owning a recreational van can be really fun as there are plenty of activities that can be done with them. Going on road trips with family, going camping solo, are simply two of the several things to do with an RV.

With an RV, there is usually extra power supply since there is a lot to power, such as any electrical tools in the kitchen, lights around the vehicle, or ACs. It just so happens that sometimes you may need extra power, making a portable generator a necessity or at least a good backup option.

Read on below to find 6 good reasons why RV owners should invest in a portable generator.

1.     Backup

The number one reason why you should invest in a portable generator as an RV owner is for backup. Your van already has the means to power itself, yet there are many circumstances that could occur that would require you to have backup power. The number one reason you would need a backup generator is if the RV itself runs out of power.

Since RVs are usually taken on road trips and for traveling in general, you may need to jumpstart your vehicle on a road where there are not that many people driving by. A portable generator would allow you to be completely self-sufficient and not in need of a random passersby’s aid.

2.     Safety Against Harsh Climates

In harsh climates, it is absolutely possible for the power grid that you are using from a campsite to cut off. It is possible that the campsite itself might have a generator on grounds but why risk it?

Instead, travel with a portable generator so that in harsh climates like thunderstorms or blizzards you still have the means to generate your RV. If you are stuck in your vehicle for a while, it can get difficult to rely on the power coming from it directly, especially if you do not know when the weather will return to normal.

3.     Portable Generators Can Be Used for Other Activities

The good thing about portable generators is that they do not have to be used in your recreational van only, they can be used for other activities. Say you have a project that you want to work on while camping, like building something. You will need power and electricity that your RV will not be able to support.

Having the portable generator available at that time, will allow you to work on whatever you need without having to worry about your location. You will just need the supplies you are going to work with and you will be good to go.

4.     They Can Also Be Used in Remote Areas

When you go camping, campground sites usually already have a power grid line that you can make use of. On the off chance  that you wish to go to an area that has no available campground but is still permissible to camp and park your RV, then having the generator will become an absolute necessity.

The experts at suggest that finding the right voltage for your specific RV will allow you to power it for longer periods of time. Not all voltages are applicable for your specific vehicle and it is necessary that you find the right one for yours.

5.     Extra Power for Unknown Circumstances

You never know when you might need the generator. Not only is it useful for you, but it can be useful for those around you as well. People driving by who need a jumpstart or something sudden that requires you to stay in the RV overnight; whichever the reason may be, having the generator will truly keep your mind at ease.

6.     They Can Be Useful At Home

Given that it is a portable generator, you can put it almost anywhere! If you are not on the road for a while, you still invested in the portable generator so you can still make use of it. When you go back home, you can remove the generator from the RV and put it in your home for the off chance that you need extra power supply. If you do not use the portable generator on the road anymore, you can also ground it, which would establish a location for it rather than keeping it portable.

The idea of having backup power that you can utilize  whenever you need is probably enough of a reason to think of portable generators as a necessity. You can take comfort in having a  trustworthy and safe tool.

The essential step to take first is to understand your vehicle and its needs. Then research the best generators for your RV or ask around. Most importantly, test them out together and enjoy your worry-free trips!