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Why We All Need A Day At The Beach Now And Then

If you have been working flat out recently or if you haven’t had a vacation in what seems like years, you need to consider being kinder to yourself to avoid burnout. There’s nothing worse than being unable to sleep because you are continually thinking about work. You need to learn how to switch off. There’s no better way to do this than by instigating a change of scenery. City living is great but there’s nothing better than heading to the beach and breathing in some fresh coastal air. It’s good for the soul and for your mental well being. Take a look at why you should venture to the beach once in a while.


Being surrounded by nature is great for your mental health. Many medical professionals are even prescribing a trip to a national park or to the coast as an alternative to medication to help relieve stress or to help people sleep. The fresh air stimulates the production of dopamine, the happy hormone, which negates the effect of cortisol, our stress-inducing hormone. Get yourself outside and enjoy paddling in the water, taking a swim in the sea, building sandcastles, and playing some beach tennis. 

The beach is a place that often evokes more innocent childhood memories. These memories can help us to feel more relaxed and can stop us from worrying about what is going on at work when we are not there. Go with friends and family and make an outing of it. You could even take a short break to make the most of your beach adventure.


If you are keen to head to the beach, make sure that you have the right gear. At the very least you should be taking a pop-up tent, a beach towel and some mens waterproof shoes. If you are keen to head down to where the waves are lapping the wet sand, this footwear will stop your toes from feeling sandy and damp. You need to feel comfortable when on the beach, so grab the windbreaker and make sure that you take your swim shorts. While you might not use them, it’s a good idea to have the gear in your beach bag. If it gets breezy, your pop-up tent is easy to whip up and you can shelter under canvas.

Get Out To Sea

If you have sea legs, consider taking a boat trip when at the beach. You might fancy some deep sea fishing, some dolphin watching or some snorkelling. Heading out to sea is the ultimate in a change of scenery. You will get the chance to focus your thoughts onto new and alternative experiences. Venture out during the evening and you might be fortunate enough to see the sunset over the water. This new vista can relax you and give you a sense of calm. Providing you with a simple and calming memory can allow you to revisit this sense of inner peace when you are presented with a stressful situation at work on your return to ‘real life’ pursuits.

Head to the beach and find some activities that will help you to de-stress and relax.