The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Out Of Your Motorcycle In 2023

Let’s not kid ourselves; daily life isn’t as fun as it could be right now. The pandemic has completely changed our lives, placing restrictions in many different areas. Not seeing people isn’t all bad as I’m sure we’ve all got colleagues and extended family members that we’re happy not to see. Still, there is a real challenge to keep yourself occupied and entertained. Solo hobbies and activities that can be enjoyed in a socially distanced manner are the focus. Naturally, then, your motorbike is the best asset at any motorcycle rider’s disposal.

The harsh reality, however, is that you will get bored of riding around town on the same bike you’ve had for a decade. So, what can be done to make riding exciting and your secret weapon to get through these testing times? Here’s all you need to know.

Embrace new routes

One of the main reasons for feeling bored on your bike is that you use it for the same daily chores and errands. When you bought the bike, you didn’t envision using it solely for trips to the local 7/11. You thought it would be used for much more exciting journeys, and now is the time to turn that dream into a reality. You won’t need to take on a year-long bet like I did to see the benefits of off-roading. Finding a suitable place to explore in your local area shouldn’t be difficult. And it can deliver a fun ride combined with new views that help you appreciate your city.

If you use your bike for commuting to work, it’ll also be possible to think about new routes. When riding a motorcycle, you won’t have to worry about traffic jams. Incorporating a range of routes may not be a huge lifestyle change, but the slither of variety can make a difference in these testing times. After all, many aspects of current life feel like Groundhog Day.

Take a road trip

New routes in your daily riding habits are great. For the best levels of excitement, though, you should focus on taking some road trips. This will be one of the safest and most effective ways to travel and create memories in 2023. Even when international travel is permitted, it’s not going to be convenient. As long as you know the motorcycle helmet laws by state, you’ll be ready to create adventures. The country is blessed with some truly incredible routes while there are plenty of natural attractions to visit en route. Even if some amusements will be closed due to the pandemic.

A road trip can be enjoyed with your partner. Alternatively, this is a great way to enjoy a group activity without any risk of spreading the virus. If I’m totally honest, though, you’re probably best off on your own. There’s nothing worse than having someone else dictate your plans. When you ride alone, the road is yours. Spontaneity will rule the day.

Give your bike some TLC

When you have found that your love of the motorbike has faded, there could be many root causes. In many cases, though, it’s your fault for not giving the bike enough attention. It’s very easy to leave minor issues untreated, but those problems will escalate. In turn, this will impact everything from the comfort of your ride to performance and efficiency. Now that you have more time to kill than ever before, there’s no excuse to ignore the jobs any longer. Pump up the tires, top up the fluids, and educate yourself on basic maintenance. Resisting it is, quite frankly, lazy AF.

The benefits aren’t restricted to the immediate benefits of increased comfort and performance. You will also find that this is one of the most effective ways to retain the value of your motorcycle. Protecting your financial investment should provide an extra incentive. Likewise, simply dedicating more time to the bike will encourage you to appreciate it.

Customize the bike

Getting the bike back up to full health is one thing, but restoring the sense of ownership is another. You will never have a better opportunity to take on an upgrade project. Whether you ride a Harley or a Yamaha doesn’t matter. A custom paint job or decals can work wonders. Meanwhile, new wing mirrors or headlights can seriously boost the appeal. Other steps can include upgrading the seat padding and cover or boosting the bike’s stereo systems and Sat Nav. Even the seemingly small upgrades can make the bike feel brand new. Crucially, it’ll be tailored to your needs.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, there are plenty of magazines, help guides, and online resources. Alternatively, you could seek support from other motorcycle owners, either locally or online. The bike will subsequently look much greater on your driveway while you’ll be far more tempted to ride frequently. You’ll want to show it off, and this increased pride in the bike can only have positive impacts on your riding experiences. The process can be hella fun too.

Try a track day

Having upgraded the bike, you’ll want to test out the performance upgrades like new suspensions or engine enhancements. It wouldn’t be safe to do this on the freeway, but you can find a local track to ride at. It’s a very popular option for drivers that have improved their cars, but many motorcycle riders overlook the rewards. It allows you to test yourself as a rider while also taking the same routes that your favorite MotoGP stars have done in practice. Scratching the itch for an adrenaline-fueled ride also stops you from chasing excitement on the roads. 

On a side note, a day on the track may actually help your bike’s engine. It is also a great excuse to invest in better leathers and accessories. Looking the part will make you feel the part, which helps with engagement and enjoyment. If you’ve never done a track day before, it has probably been a bucket list item for several years. Now is the time to tick it off.

Embrace cruise control

If you are serious about increasing your mileage on the motorbike, you must adapt to the situation. Investing in heated gloves is an easy solution that many riders use. Likewise, the addition of a windshield, heated grips, and a hydration pack are all good options. If there’s only one modification that I’d suggest is essential for frequent riders, it’s cruise control. Once placed over the throttle, the gadget will reduce the strain on your wrist as you won’t have to keep making the revving movement. Firstly, it improves comfort while riding. Secondly, it can prevent future health issues.

The cruise control feature can additionally boost your safety. After all, it’s easy to let your mind wander or make the wrong movement as your wrist gets tired. I seriously doubt that I’m alone in loving this feature. The increased efficiency and gear control may protect the long-term performance of your motorbike’s engine, suspension, and more.

Use the bike for date nights

If you’re looking to keep boo happy, romantic date nights that allow you to connect are ideal. There’s nothing better than getting her to jump on the back of your bike before cruising the town. Whether you find somewhere to eat, revisit the location of your first date, or stop off to gaze at the stars doesn’t matter. When you invest in a women’s helmet, the clear statement that you want to share the biking experiences with her will have her smiling. It works for new and long-term relationships.

It’s not selfish to want date ideas that you can enjoy too. That’s just smart thinking bro. If it allows you to get out on the motorcycle while scoring boyfriend points, that has to be an ideal solution. Her increased interest in riding will also gain you some leeway when you want to head out for a track day or another activity. If you’re gonna play the game, play it well.

Monetize the bike

The only thing that can improve your riding experiences is the opportunity to earn money. If you have lost a job due to the pandemic, you can land a role as a delivery rider. Another option is to rent the motorcycle out to other people, although that does come with risks. Carrying a sponsor’s logo on your bike is another possible solution while a career in instructing can work wonders. Of course, if you’re an exceptional rider, you may also have a shot at touring or entering races. It’s a great way to take your passion to a new level while also boosting your bank balance.

If you have that passion but not the talent (yes, like me), you could create content. Use your bike to create videos on maintenance, upgrades, riding tutorials, and more. You will have read and watched content yourself, so why not place yourself on the other side. It may even open up the chance to interview some riders. Now, surely that will improve your 2023.

Whichever route you take, happy riding!