Mobile Gaming

The Surprising Benefits of Mobile Gaming

You’re not alone if you think that mobile gaming is a complete waste of time. You’ve no doubt seen everyone glued to their phones on the subway, or waiting in line somewhere. Reading your phone constantly is bad enough, but always playing games? Surely this is terrible for people’s eyes, concentration, and attention spans, right? Actually, probably not.

You might be wrong if you’re always trying to get your kids, spouse, or gamer friends to put their phones down. Sure, no one should be glued to their phone or console all of the time, but it has long been established that video games can have a whole lot of benefits. From reducing depression to beating stress, mobile games are by no means a complete waste of time. It might be time to join the crowd, here’s why:

Mobile Gaming Improves Your Mood

If you don’t believe that playing video games can boost one’s mood, download FFXV A New Empire or Civilization Revolution 2 and start building your own empire. You’ll soon see how good it feels when you work out how to play a game. All of your cares just melt away, and you can be truly in the moment. A good game can get you into a flow state, which can help you manage conditions like anxiety and depression. Of course, you shouldn’t try to use games in place of medical help or throw out your medication. But spending an hour or two on a favorite title really won’t hurt and might actually help you to feel better.

Boost Your Brain Power

Mobile gaming can help to keep your brain engaged, improve spatial awareness and even boost your memory when played regularly. That is why older people should consider playing these games. Even playing just a few minutes each day can be beneficial to memory, reflexes, and eyesight.

Games like Minesweeper are fantastic examples, the puzzle game is known to enhance critical thinking, pattern recognition, and strategic planning skills. As players navigate through the grid, they must use logic to identify the location of hidden mines based on numerical clues provided by adjacent squares. This process of elimination and careful analysis not only sharpens the mind but also improves memory and attention to detail.

Mobile Gaming Brings People Together

It’s fair to say that many mobile games, like Words with Friends 2 and Scrabble, are great at bringing people together. It might be difficult to visit with granny when she lives three states away, but you can play with her every night using online games. More and more people are doing just that – using mobile games to maintain relationships. Many are even creating new communities with people all over the world.

They Help Kids with Autism

One study found that kids with autism tend to be more engaged when they’re enjoying a victory in a game. Mobile gaming can be an easy, portable, and confidence-inspiring way to help someone with autism stay engaged.

They Improve Dexterity

For anyone who struggles with dexterity, spending some time each day playing mobile games can be a good for you. There are lots of games, like Tug Wars, Hunter Monster and Angry Birds that are perfect for this purpose. Just make sure that children are supervised and you have put any necessary security measures in place.

Mobile Gaming Improves Problem Solving

Playing titles like Inspector Layton can help to improve your problem-solving abilities. We all face lots of challenges in daily life that require us to solve problems. Therefore training our brains to solve problems by playing games is a great way to improve your critical skills. This will be particularly beneficial for kids who struggle with problem-solving tasks at school. It’s easier to engage them in a game than a school-work task that they may be struggling with.

Improves Concentration

There are also some studies to suggest that playing video games can improve the concentration of everyone. This is particularly true if they are games that have tasks that need to be completed before one can move to the next level.

They Teach You Things

Anyone who’s ever played Lightbot, which teaches kids how to code, will know that mobile games can actually teach you new skills and give you new information. It’s just a matter of choosing wisely. So, as you can see, there really is nothing wrong with a little light mobile gaming. In fact, it might do you some good to start swiping.