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Should You Buy a Pickup Truck? Pros and Cons to Consider

If you’ve never been interested in owning a motorcycle and instead prefer something powerful, functional, and versatile, a pickup truck is an excellent choice. Long gone are the days where pickups were exclusively used by people who only need to shift parts and equipment from one job to another. Now, pickups are some of the most popular options for just about anybody who needs more space in their car. But is a pickup truck right for you? To save you endless fretting over whether you’re making the right decision, here are the pros and cons you must consider before buying. 

The Pros 

Pickups Are Strong 

One of the key benefits of pickup trucks is their strength. They are designed for working hard, and 5this means they are more than capable of handling immense weight both inside and hitched to the back. The increased torque also makes it easier for them to get up slopes with ease, and the engine, transmission, and axles all contribute to exceptional power that will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Even without a heavy load attached, you can enjoy plenty of power that gets you from A to B. in modern pickups, you can tell the truck whether you’re towing something or not with a useful towing mode. 

Pickups Can Tow

Speaking of towing, the thing that appeals to most pickup owners is the ability to haul heavy loads. This design comes already equipped to the truck, so you don’t need to spend extra money installing a tow system. Furthermore, some pickups can tow by attaching the load, such as a caravan, on top of the bed, rather than to the area around the back bumper. Besides caravans, you can also tow boats, everyday trailers, and much more. But, while pickups make towing more straightforward, we’d advise you to click here to learn more about towing basics so you can attach and haul with confidence. 

Pickups Have More Space 

If you’ve ever tried moving house or going on vacation with a small three-door vehicle, you know that you need to play a real-life game of Tetris to fit everything inside, and all of this is before you remember you still need room for your family to sit, too. The great thing about pickups is that they offer plenty of space for you to store everything you need for a week away or to help someone with a move. You can easily secure boxes and equipment in the truck bed, so you don’t need to worry about anything flying away while you’re driving. 

Pickups Can Handle Different Conditions 

Winter driving is something that nobody looks forward to, especially if you’re driving a small car that seems to freeze up at the slightest drop in temperature. Thankfully, pickup trucks are designed to handle a range of weather conditions, and many modern trucks will act like 4x4s when faced with extreme weather conditions. This goes back to the increased torque, which gives your wheels more purchase on slippery roads, while the raised design also helps you get over rough and rowdy country roads that a smaller car, such as a coupe or even a sedan, could not handle. 

The Cons 

Pickups Can Have Poor Gas Mileage 

If you’re concerned about fuel economy, and how your vehicle impacts the environment, it’s safe to assume that pickups aren’t for you. While they are certainly an improvement of pickups of the past, the powerful engine means that you will need more oomph, especially when tackling tricky terrain. You can compare this to the fuel economy of an SUV, and because of this, it’s perhaps best to only pick out a pickup if you absolutely need one. 

Pickup Maintenance Can Cost Most 

The same goes for pickup care and maintenance. As the engine and transmission are larger, you can expect repairs to be more expensive. This is especially true of older pickups, so don’t expect to save too much in the long run by purchasing a second-hand vehicle. Furthermore, if you are planning on using your pickup for work purposes, you will be stuck should it break down. A broken pickup could cost you business and clients alongside a pretty penny to make any repairs. 

Pickups Can Be Tricky to Get The Hang Of 

If you’ve never driven a vehicle larger than your average family car before, then you might be in for a significant shock when you first get behind the wheel of a pickup. You should expect that the experience will be different. But one thing most new drivers comment on is how ‘stiff’ the ride feels. This happens because of the size of the truck. Larger pickups will be stiffer than smaller pickups, so consider which size vehicle is most useful for you. If you’re really concerned about how tricky the truck will be, look for a recent model, as pickup engineers strive to provide an experience that is as close to regular cars as possible. Even so, there will still be a difference, so don’t be afraid to take it easy. 

Pickups Have a Learning Curve 

You can’t expect to jump into your new pickup and drive off into the sunset with ease. It will take some time to learn how to get the most from it, including parking, how to be more economical with fuel, and especially towing trailers or caravans behind you. If you’re not a confident driver, this might give you the willies, so it’s important to give yourself time to learn how to drive a pickup properly. If possible, look at pickup tips for first-timers and get yourself somewhere spacious so you can get more confident behind the wheel.

Time to Pick Up Your Pickup?

Pickup trucks aren’t for everybody, but that’s okay. If you’re someone who needs a robust solution for towing trailers or even boats or just wants a vehicle that offers plenty of space for your next family vacation, a pickup truck could be the perfect option. Offering power and versatility, it’s a vehicle that you’ll fall in love with faster than you expect.