Getting Ready For A Road Trip During Pandemic

Taking a road trip during the pandemic is a great idea if you are stressed out after months of being cooped up indoors. It is safer than air travel right now and you can plan a short vacation that doesn’t cost you a fortune. Surely, it can give you a well-deserved break but you must leave only after being prepared. Like everything else, road trips are no longer the same, and getting help wouldn’t be easy if you feel sick or your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. As a smart traveler, you need to get your car ready before driving off to a destination of your choice.

Plan a “safe” itinerary

Safety is the top priority right now and you cannot risk getting infected just for the sake of taking a break. So it is important to stick to a safe place to travel and plan your itinerary wisely. Check the destination to see the status of the COVID cases there. You can consider a camping trip in less-crowded locations because things are safer outdoors and you can maintain social distancing. If you plan to stay at a hotel, choose one that is taking proper sanitization measures to curb the infection.

Carry the safety essentials

Apart from choosing a safe route and destination, you need to pack all the safety essentials needed to protect yourself from the infection. Have a good supply of face masks, sanitizer, gloves, medicines, and other protective equipment ready. Make sure to pack medical-grade nitrile gloves, face masks, gauzes, and other supplies to ensure you are getting quality protection. Pack some dry snacks for the road as stopping at roadside cafes can be a risky prospect. Carry plenty of water so that you don’t have to buy it on the way.

Get a maintenance check for your car

Pandemic or no pandemic, a car breakdown is the last thing you would want to happen on a road trip. Getting a maintenance check for your car, therefore, should be on top of your checklist. Experts at a professional maintenance and Towing Company would recommend a complete check-up for the vehicle because your car would need it after weeks of being parked during the lockdown. Ideally, a look at the battery, engine, AC, tires, brake oil, and sensors would be required to make your vehicle road-ready.

Glove up for fueling

It is advisable to fill up your car’s fuel tank when you embark on a road trip. This becomes all the more important right now, when it is best to reduce surface contacts to the minimum. Even if you need to stop at a gas station and refill on the way, be sure to wear gloves before gripping the pump handle. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel to hold it if you aren’t carrying your gloves.

Be sure that you are fit to travel

Another important aspect of gearing up for a road trip amid the pandemic is to be sure that you are healthy enough to travel. This applies to your fellow-travelers as well- though, it would be best to travel with family right now. If anyone has symptoms, postpone the trip for later when you are completely fit.

Proper planning and preparation for the journey would make it stress-free and enjoyable. You must definitely follow these tips because that’s what you would want the trip to be!