adsum-camp-hero-trunks-front-navy blue

The Adsum All Around Weekend Short

Shorts apparently continue to present a conundrum to many men. Questions of length, fit, style, and embellishments make it all to easy for a good chunk of us to just stick with our tried and true blue jeans even during downright pornographic August heat. This is a shame as a proper fitting pair of shorts will instantly elevate your summer fashion game and keep you much more comfortable in the swelter of the sun.

When picking out shorts, step one is avoiding denim. Unless you 1) are named Jeb or Clyde, 2) own a 1979 Trans Am, or 3) shotgun Bud Lights on the daily, then denim jeans are permanently off the table for you. #Sorrynotsorry. For the last several years, the fit of choice has been a relaxed one with a length falling just above your kneecap when standing. Any longer and you risk being unwillingly initiated into the ICP Fubu brigade; any shorter and you are now sporting swimming trunks.

Adsum recently sent us a pair of their Camp Hero shorts I’ve nicknamed “The Weekenders.” With comfy levels off the charts, an expandable waistband for relaxed movement, and classic styling these trunks have been getting heavy rotation on my derrière on the weekends. Made of a nylon blend, they are much more casual than a short I would wear out on a bar night, and they lean heavily into the athleisure category much to their comfortable advantage. Easy to wear, easy to clean, easy to pair with a T-shirt and sandals – what else could you want from a summer short?

A well executed short will help you enjoy summer more, help you cool off, and expand your wardrobe in one swoop. Adsum has a great fit and style, but whatever you pick keep it basic and classic looking. Then the beaches and BBQs with cool legs and cooler style.