electric cars

Sustainable Driving

Not only a way to keep your money in your pocket instead of wasting it on gas, but also helping you to save the environment. An average driver, depending on their location, can use an 1,797 litres of fuel per day which amounts to 13.4 litres per 100 kilometres. These tips will help you to reduce your fuel consumption, and explain other ways you can do something about your carbon footprint. 

Go electric

With all the fully electric and hybrid vehicles on the market these days it’s becoming less and less excusable not to at least consider the idea. Charging stations are cropping up everywhere and if you don’t believe it, check out a supercharger map. The latest models are constantly being rated and compared so if you’re in the market for an upgrade, see here

Look after you car 

Always keep your tyres fully pumped, this greatly reduces fuel consumption, so give them regular checks. Check your oil regularly, make sure there’s enough flowing as this also reduces damage to the internal mechanism. Be sure to stay on top of all maintenance needed in general, as the better your car runs, the less fuel it will use. You will of course also save money in the long run on any unnecessary repairs. The most eco-friendly driver is a calm driver, so avoiding flooring it and stamping on the throttle. No unnecessary speeding or last minute braking, maintain a little more control. Switch off the engine where possible, for example when going downhill, and remain in gear. Take your foot off the accelerator as this sends gas to the engine, for example when you’re not moving or stuck in a traffic jam. Try to stay on a low gear below 1500rpm and when changing gears, try to skip, for example from third to fifth, as this will be less of a strain on your transmission. 

Turn down the heat

There’s no need to whack the heating up when you don’t need it, of course this goes the same for the air-conditioning. You can always open the windows instead for a cool breeze while driving. 

Lose the excess baggage

Why have you still got your roof bars and boxes attached from since your last vacation? Carrying these around adds extra weight and causes you to use a lot more fuel than you might think, so take them off when you’re not using them. If you’re not going surfing or skiing, why bother keeping the things attached. 

Use your legs

It might sound obvious but the best way to avoid wasting money on gas is by not driving. For shorter journeys brave the outside and stretch your legs. The walk will do you and your bank account a lot of good. 

Keeping on top of your fuel consumption isn’t as difficult as it needs to be and you’ll be grateful when you have more mileage for your money and more to spend on road trips. Don’t let that road rage take over.