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The Best Men’s Accessories For Spring 2020

Spring has finally blessed us with its fresh air, bright sunny days and the whiff of blossoming flowers is in the air. It’s at this moment when you will start to see the biggest and latest fashion trends of the year, slowly emerge. For men who love style, not fashion, you too will be wondering what kind of new flare you can adorn for spring 2020? Sometimes we think too much in a linear manner. Don’t decide on your outfit just yet, perhaps a revamp of your accessories drawer will spur new creative thoughts for what your style should be this year. However, these accessories should be hot temperature-friendly and able to be worn all day long.

Light, red and bold

Sunglasses should be part of every man’s style options for spring. However, it looks like the fashion industry is making a staunch turn in a new direction. Plain black sunglasses are just too boring nowadays. Instead, the light, red, bold Blaine sunglasses from Technigadgets are the breath of fresh air we needed. With a lightweight aluminum-magnesium frame, polarized lenses that limit the amount of light penetration, soft silicone nose pads, and UV400 polycarbonate protection, these are practical as well as affordable. Sitting at $43.95, you’ll seldom find a more stylish pair with this much craftsmanship. Red sunglasses go well with bomber jackets, springtime suit shades such as burgundy, green, or even silver. 

Carrying less, with style

In spring, we wear lighter shades. This makes whatever is in our pockets, show a lot more. The dreaded wallet bump will put a subtle but detrimental spin on any outfit. So rather than lug something large and heavy around with you, select a slimmer option like the Ridge wallet. These carbon fiber wallets are made, only to hold cards. Although if you want to, you can fold up bills and store them too. Ridge wallets can hold up to 12 cards but nobody needs more than a few. Slim, lightweight, and stylish, this is an accessory that is both practical and contemporary.

Leather and beads

The classic leather and bead strap bracelets have never gone out of fashion. However, you can spruce them up a bit by being a bit more daring. Instead of a simple strap, how about a layered and woven design? Instead of multiple wraps around your wrist, one simple wrap looks better. A more minimalist approach will allow you to style the strap with different beads without overcrowding your arm.

Softer and lighter

Leather is great but in spring, it’s heavy and hot. Instead, a suede belt is the better option. You can also select belts with lighter and thinner buckles. They can be made out of copper or bronze and due to less material being needed, it will end up being lighter. To really show off the suede bring attention to it with either a blue or red shade.

Men don’t have a lot of accessories to choose from, to begin with. However, the options you do have should be made carefully and with a sound style philosophy.