Off the Rack Suit

The Student’s Suit

Picture New York circa 1920. Every self-respecting man is in a suit, whether it’s hot, cold, or any combination of unpleasant weather. Now they might have only had one suit, but you can bet that they kept it clean, pressed, and put together. Why would they do this when there were surely other, more comfortable options? Suits were and continue to be a sign of dignity, self respect, and preparedness for the interactions of day to day life. From that point in time, they’ve gradually fallen more and more by the wayside. They’ve become restricted to CEO’s and accountants, weddings and funerals. However, the recent combination of fashion savvy individuals along with new and innovative companies is changing this trend.

Suits are coming back. True, they’ve technically never gone anywhere, but more and more we’ve been seeing lines of affordable, good looking suits become available to the casual gentleman. Of these lines I’d have to say that my all time favorite is Bertolini. Though they’re not by any means famous (or for that matter, well known), Bertolini makes a hell of a suit for the price. Just this weekend, I picked up a beautiful three-piece in a slate blue with charcoal pinstripes for under $250. Now let me tell you, I have a hard time finding a suit that fits how I want it to; everything seems either boxy or incredibly tight. This suit, however, fit perfectly off the rack and all that was needed was to hem the pants. It tapers in the right places, it hangs well off the shoulders, and the kicker is that I have three other friends who bought the same suit (different sizes of course), and despite our wildly varying body shapes they fit each of us perfectly.

Bertolini is an Italian suit manufacturer, meaning the fit is going to be almost unbeatable; so why doesn’t it break the bank? Well while the materials come from Italy, and the designs are put together by professionals, the suits themselves are hand-made overseas. This gives one the feel and look of a high end Italian suit at a fraction of the cost, meaning it is affordable for almost everyone – even students like yours truly. This is the best wardrobe investment I’ve made in a long time, and encourage you to follow my example. Whether you’re on a budget, or just looking for a great suit at any price range, do yourself a favor and get into a Bertolini.