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Jobs That Offer a Total Lifestyle Change

Are you looking for a job that offers a complete change of lifestyle? If so, you are not alone. Every day, many job hunters scour online career listings in the hopes of finding positions that come with unique travel opportunities, work situations, unusual duties, and other factors that promise something other than a typical nine-to-five grind. Many are surprised to discover that serving as an auditor for a CPA (certified public accounting) firm can mean traveling a majority of the time.

In fact, many of the most transformative jobs available include extensive travel, long-term bouts on the road, securities trading from home, physical activity, and other non-standard components. If spending eight hours per day in a traditional office is not your idea of an exciting career, consider studying to become an accountant, commercial driver, foreign currency trader, job coach, massage therapist, or dance instructor. Most non-traditional occupations offer excellent pay and a career path. The following points offer more information about some of the most interesting positions currently available.

Auditor for a CPA Firm

You’ll need a solid educational background just to sit for the CPA examination. If you pass, there’s a two-year work requirement before you can apply for a license. However, most of the larger and medium-sized firms will hire people as soon as they’ve passed the exam. If you choose to follow the auditing career path, expect to spend the majority of every month on the road. Few audits, even in the digital age, are conducted remotely. The pay is excellent, but most new hires discover that they have trouble establishing an active lifestyle due to all the travel. But, for those who are dedicated to the profession, want to build a long-term career in the field, and really enjoy traveling, there aren’t too many other jobs that offer all those benefits.

Fleet Transport Driver

There are several intriguing, challenging jobs in the transport field. Whether you aspire to become a fleet manager or driver, the pay and career path are among the best anywhere. That’s primarily because qualified drivers and supervisors are currently in very high demand. Keep in mind that many supervisors start out as drivers, so getting a CDL (commercial driver’s license) is a wise first step. Most transport companies will pay for the training if you agree to drive for them for at least one year after passing the exam. It’s also worth knowing that there are dozens of different classes, levels, and endorsements within the CDL license category, so it’s imperative to research the specific requirements for the kind of driving you want to do. Step one is to check a comprehensive online guide that lists all the pertinent details about earning a CDL.

Full-Time Forex Trader

You won’t have to leave home to trade foreign currency as a full-time practitioner. However, as an independent trader, your profits are your own. Expect to spend about six months to one full year practicing with a small account in your spare time. Don’t quit the day job just yet. Instead, ease into the forex career over 12 months or so. That way, you’ll gain enough expertise to feel confident and, hopefully, make enough profitable trades to sustain your lifestyle. Be ready to devote at least 5-10 hours per week to practice the essential skills.

Massage Therapist

If you like to work with clients one-on-one, want to help improve health, and have a knack for performing bodywork, consider studying to earn a massage license. State requirements vary, but in most cases, you’ll need to attend class part-time for six months or more. If you develop a solid marketing plan as an independent practitioner, it’s possible to make your own hours and do quite well within about six months of work. For non-indie therapists, there are many openings at chiropractic offices and wellness clinics. The work can be physically demanding at times, but it’s also very rewarding and is a huge change from routine office jobs.

Ballroom Dance Instructor

For a real lifestyle change, consider enrolling in a teacher training program for ballroom dance instructors. Coursework lasts about eight months, but once it’s over, you’ll be ready to hit the floor and teach newcomers the basics of several major styles of modern dance. The job has risen in popularity in the past decade as more adults are discovering the physical benefits and huge amount of fun that come with taking dance lessons. Most instructors work in the evenings and on weekends. Some of the large schools charge a modest fee for the training but offer graduates jobs as soon as the courses are over.