2015 Summer Accessory Roundup

2015 Summer Accessory Roundup

Here we are in summer and the time is right to be looking good. As a FactoryTwoFour reader, we can be sure your staple items are on point, but what about your accessories? Well we’re here now to cover that base for you. Without further ado, here are your top-tip accessories for this year:

Korbata Bow Ties

korbata tieIt takes a certain kind of man to rock a bow tie. A confident man. A well dressed man. A man who knows what he’s doing. You are that man.  Korbata ties are clearly a new breed and won’t leave you looking like a middleschool science teacher. Their bold colors and modern fabrics combine to drag the bow tie into the 21st century and deserve a place on your neck this year. And they are handmade in Guatemala, so you can be sure what you are rocking is unique.


Neon Bandits SocksNeon Bandits Socks

Socks, like Hansel, are so hot right now. The look of bold socks has transitioned from business down to casual late last year. Now they are everywhere and Neon Bandits are bringing prime examples that walk the line between too boring and too loud. Their patterns and styles are equally at home for a day on the basketball court as they are for just lounging around the park. Leave your all white, or heaven forbid all black, socks at home and start wearing out something with a bit more flavor and sass. Your stinky shoes will thank you.


ab aeternoAb Aetterno

While everyone is still fawning over fabric strapped watches, take a bolder direction by picking up one of Ab Aeterno’s wooden watches. These time pieces stand our on your wrist in the best way possible. I’ve gotten more complements on mine, and they almost always lead to conversations about the watch and how it is made. It’s a friend-maker and date-getter is what I’m saying…

Ray Ban Caravans805289003465_shad_qt

Leave round aviators to cops and old men living out their Top Gun fantasies. Ray Ban Caravans are where the real action is. These squared off aviators are pure style, and will set you apart from the pack. Protect your eyes and bring the fashion with Caravans or any number of their knockoffs.

Nose Piercings

Piercings are becoming more and more commonplace. A good piercing for guys? A simple nose piercing. The good news with these is that, as long as you have your piercing done by a reputable piercer and you keep it clean at all times, you can always change your mind and remove them without anything being too noticeable down the line. Find stylish nose piercing men and give some different styles a try!