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Top 7 Treks and Trails

The world offers you several walking routes with different virgin landscapes and unique cultures. Visitors can now explore the previously inaccessible territories. These places include remote passes in the mountains and carved valleys that involve long-distance walking. The experience is challenging, but with the best trekking tools, you get a fulfillment that lasts a lifetime. Some of the places are newly launched and ready to welcome their first visitors. 

This article explains the top seven treks and trails in the world that you can consider exploring in 2020. They include the following; 

1. Route Burn

The Route Burn is a remarkable trail found in New Zealand. The track is surrounded by the South Island in the country and takes one to three days to complete. The distance covered is thirty-two kilometers. The good thing about this track is that it passes through Mt Aspiring and Fiordland national parks. When walking this track, you can see breaking waves from a distant beach because of the view from the Conical Hill and Harris Saddle. One thing to know about the place is that only a limited number of people are allowed at a time, which means you need to secure a place in advance.

2. The Everest Base Camp 

The base camp is a popular trek in Nepal. The striking scenery with an exciting and mysterious feeling is one of the things that make the place to be prominent. In short, it involves walking on the base of the highest mountain in the world, which is Mt. Everest. The distinctive mountain villages are some of the stunning features to enjoy while trekking. Because of dizzying in the higher heights of the mountain, you need the best tools for such occasions, which include an emergency blanket. You also need a reliable information source to get details on the essentials needed before embarking on such a trip. The mountain has its ups and downs, which is why you need the knowledge to handle any challenge with less difficulty.

3. The Haute Route

The Route is in France-Switzerland. Walkers report taking three weeks to complete it. Sections of this trail are hard to trek on, which requires a higher level of fitness. The adventure can be challenging for unfit people. It is advisable to stay fit as a part of a preparation plan for the long walk.

4. Baltoro Glacier & K2

The trek, located in Pakistan, has a lead to the second-highest mountain in the world, which is K2. It is a peerless trek with the most humbling scenery in the world. The fascinating thing about the place is the icy rivers that follow the trail, with a view of pyramidal mountains with granite. An additional benefit about the trek is that you can opt for side trips to glaciers covered with moraine. With these treks, you will need a registered tour guide because the place is a bit complicated.

5. The Narrows

The Narrows is located in the USA. This journey is about 26km involving beautifully carved canyons. During the trip, you walk through a river with swimming and wading. Most people choose to take the adventure during the day. However, some individuals enjoy the walk in the evening, as they spend the night in the campgrounds. 

6. Pays Dagon

The trek is one of the greatest regions in Africa, located in Mali. The walk can take you around two to a maximum of ten days. The trekking involves going through soaring cliffs and slopes with some isolated cliff dwellings. The villages in Dagon are fascinating and are one of the things that make the trek an extraordinary journey. Another highlight of the tour is the music and dance from the Dogon people, their building structures with carved doors.  

7. Indian Himalayas

The trekking here is said to be for the hardcore hikers. The reason for the hardship is the stiff mountain tops of the site. Hikers tend to spend around twenty-four days to complete the trek. The walk is challenging for walkers. The other thing to enjoy during the adventure is the high-altitude terrain in the desert.

Whether your preference is a week long trek, a simple stroll, or a hike that takes most of your day, the treks mentioned above and trials are some of the best routes you can take. You should look out for new places from the internet as a couple of treks tend to crop up each day. Also, make sure you read reviews from people who have been there to know the necessary tools that you need to carry along with you for safety.