From Denver, Colorado to the Top of the Timberline

Sitting at 5,280 feet above sea level and nestled a near the base of the magnificent, Rocky Mountains sits the ‘Mile High City,’ of Denver, Colorado. Sitting along the eastern edge of the mountain range, the city is known for its vibrant nightlife, festivals, and hip neighborhoods. Its proximity, just 12 miles from the base of the Rockies makes it a skiers perfect jumping off point to hit the slopes, and explore some of the world’s greatest ski resorts.

While the city itself can get quite cold in the winter, dropping well below freezing, and reaching highs in the upper 80’s during the height of summer, Denver actually maintains a pretty mild climate. Perhaps the best time to make a trip to this jewel of a city is during autumn when the leaves are changing, the high, blue skies sparkle, and it’s still pleasant enough to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Denver Olympia Beer

The city itself still embraces its historical roots, and the cow town type of living, but more and more, it is turning into a young, hip and sophisticated city, filled with a variety of different cultures, and ethnicities. Because of this, festivals, celebrations, and parties are very common throughout the year, and provide visitors and tourists alike with good times. There are always fun Denver concerts and events you can attend at any time of the year. With the rise of the craft beer scene, there are more beer festivals than one can shake a stick at each year.  Just to name a few, here are some of our local favorites:

  • Great American Beer Festival
  • Breckenridge Beer Festival
  • Collaboration Festival
  • Colorado Craft Beer Week
  • Denver Brew Fest @ Mile High Station
  • Fermentation Festival and Market

To get a good feeling of the history of the city, and to explore some of the areas closer to downtown, such as Washington park, Highlands, West Highlands, and Platt Park. Beautiful old brick bungalow buildings and Victorian style homes dominate some of these areas. If there’s one thing about Denver, besides it being a fantastic place to visit, is that it is known for being one of the healthiest cities in the United States. The locals love their outdoor space, so you will find beautiful parks, greenbelts, and places such as the Denver Botanic Gardens. If there’s one place that must not be missed, this is it. It’s more than 24 acres of diverse plants from around the world, and features a variety of them gardens, an amphitheater for summer concerts, and enough natural beauty to keep you in awe for hours. Currently, it features North America’s largest collection of plants from cold climates around the world.

If a mile high is not high enough, it is highly recommended to make the drive up to Mount Evans. The road to the top is the highest paved road in North America, ascending to a height of 14,240 feet. The drive up is simply spectacular, and will lead you through some of nature’s finest offerings. The ‘Road into the Sky’ will take you past ancient trees, lakes and forests that extend well above the timberline. Keep your eyes peeled for an abundance of wildlife, such as bighorn sheep and mountain goats. The view from the top might as well be the top of the world. And if you are looking to make this journey to the top even more grand, we recommend heading up to catch the sunrise where you will see colors never thought imaginable in nature.


Denver has it all, no matter what type of entertainment you are seeking. It has a buzzing nightlife for the partiers, and has some of the greatest access to nature’s greatest wonders. It a city that is meant to be explored, and time spent outside is simply dazzling in the warmer months. During cold snaps, dip into a cozy café, watch the soft snowfall, and get lost in the ‘Mile High City.’