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The Advantages of Modern Vehicles Over Classic Cars

Owning an automobile is essential for modern, busy, rich lives. A car can get you from A to B, much quicker than the train, tram or bus, and in more comfort as well. It makes everyday life that much easier, and convenient. Whether it’s getting to work, dropping the kids at school or heading out for a night on the town – it pays to own a car. But have you ever wondered why a new, modern car like an SUV may have some advantages over classic cars? 

Improved Fuel Economy

Classic cars are fuel guzzlers, no question about it. They also tend to require premium fuel.

Modern cars are manufactured to have excellent fuel economy. This means that they go further on less fuel. This has several advantages, and cost savings are one of them. You will also have to fill up less frequently, which means fewer inconvenient stops to fill the tank. Also, modern cars don’t tend to require premium fuel, but this is an option if you would prefer. 

High Safety Ratings

Classic cars, while looking great, are not exactly safe. They were manufactured in a different era. The last few years have seen an exponential increase in vehicle safety ratings.

Modern cars are jam-packed with safety features, including emergency braking systems, lane drift detection, multiple airbags and more. They are also designed to keep all passengers and the driver safe in a collision, due to crash testing. 

Extra Features

Modern cars also come with a variety of extra features, which you won’t find in classic cars. Bluetooth audio is one of these, so you can make calls and have text messages read aloud to you while you drive. A modern car will also have a great stock sound system, so you can drive while listening to your favourite tunes. You can also use the Bluetooth connection to stream music or podcasts while you drive

Affordable Maintenance 

Classic cars are extremely expensive to repair and maintain. If anything goes wrong you are looking at a hefty mechanics bill.

Conversely, modern cars tend to be affordable to maintain and repair, provided that you get them serviced by a reputable mechanic according to their logbook schedules. 


If you buy a classic car, you are likely to miss out on a warranty period, as you’d be buying it second hand. However, modern vehicles come with extended factory warranties – often from five to seven years.

What does this mean? Well, a warranty means that the car company warrants the car to be free of mechanical defect or failure for the entire period of the warranty. If something does go wrong, you simply take it back to the dealership and they will repair it, free of charge. 

Handling and Steering

Finally, a modern car simply handles and steers better than a classic car. This is due to improved manufacturing and systems like power steering. You will feel the difference if you drove a modern car after driving a classic car. This means newer cars will handle corners and tight turns better. 

This is a big difference, as driving should be a smooth, easy and relaxing experience. 

A Car Conclusion

We’ve outlined the advantages of modern vehicles over classic cars. Modern automobiles have improved fuel efficiency and higher safety ratings. They also have added features like Bluetooth audio, and cheaper maintenance and servicing costs. Finally, modern cars come with long warranty periods and they simply handle better than classic cars.