Spring is Here: Cherry Blossom Hard Cider by Strongbow

Cherry Blossom Hard Apple Cider is a refreshing take on the tried and true Strongbow brand. The original Strongbow has always been one of my favorite hard ciders due to its subtle and dry presence that does not overwhelm and is definitely not too sweet, resulting in a refreshing taste that is easy to enjoy time and time again. Strongbow’s Cherry Blossom variety takes the classic hard cider in a vibrant new direction with use of the sweet subtlety of fresh cherries, augmenting and capitalizing on the classic Strongbow recipe.


As I poured Strongbow Cherry Blossom into a stemmed cider glass a pink-tinged white head formed vigorously yet not very dense. The head quickly dissipated into a barely noticeable thin layer on a vibrantly red cider that resembled a deep Rosé wine. Upon first impressions, the nose first revels deep cherry scents with dry apple notes on the fringe with notes of Rosé being apparent as well. The flavor profile is frontloaded with strong Cherry aspects that are predominant yet not too overwhelming or overly sweet, the first sip then finishes with dry apple notes that are so characteristic of the original Strongbow Hard Cider. Overall Cherry Blossom Hard Cider is extremely refreshing due to it not being too sweet and having a dry and crisp apple finish.  


Just as the blooming of the cherry blossoms welcome spring in Japan and Washington DC Strongbow’s Cherry Blossom Hard Apple Cider is the perfect brew-based parlay into the warming months to come. Cherry Blossom Hard Cider is crisp and refreshing with a subtle sweetness that beckons for more on warming spring days.