The Visually Stunning 2015 Infinity QX 70 S

Characterized by one of the most organic shapes on the market, the 2015 Infinity QX 70 S is a spectacle of swooping lines and curves, surpassing visually nearly every other rival crossover. Present on the road for the better part of a decade, the vehicle bore the FX badge, before Infinity changed the nomenclature to its entire line-up. However, even if it might be a presence with which we have grown accustomed to, the 2015 QX 70 S comes equipped with the S (for Sport) package, enhancing its visual traits to an even greater degree.

The front fascia stands out through the signature Infinity grille, which curves inward and the specific back swept, high intensity discharge Xenon headlamps. Situated below, a sleek air intake flanked by a pair of fog lamps keeps in line with the minimalistic styling approach, creating a very clean aspect.

The coupe-like figure, with the aggressive swoop of the roofline lends it a dynamic image, while other styling elements such as the roof spoiler, massive wheels and short overhang contribute to the overall charisma of the vehicle. The rear features backlights which mirror the front assembly and a pair of chrome coated exhaust tips as another symbol of the vibrant nature of the QX 70S. As part of the sport package, black chrome elements cover every exterior trim, from the grille to the 21 inch wheels with a silky finish.

In the interior, the QX 70S features black leather upholstery with purple contrast stitching for its seats, armrest, door panels and steering wheel – a subtle, yet highly effective design artifice that gives it extra flair. The technology in the dash is some of the best I have tested, with an incredibly fast and responsive MMI system that is almost as easy to use as a cell phone. The ability to quickly type out addresses, change stations, and control other aspects of the inside ride without the lag that is so common on other vehicles really impressed me.

Solid magnesium paddle shifters reside behind the leather wrapped, multifunction steering wheel, while matching metallic elements, such as the aluminium pedal assembly reinforce its status as one of the most driver oriented crossover SUVs on the market. Contributing to the darkened appearance, both the headliner and pillars are painted black. The driver’s seat gets 4 way power bolster adjustments and both front seats are climate controlled.

However, due to its dynamic styling, only the occupants sitting in the front enjoy ample space, as the arched roofline, together with the coupe proportions limits the head and leg room available in the back. The third row of seats is  out of the question, while the boot space also suffers; it is larger than what the outside figure of the car might lead you to believe, but unable to match the more expansive storing area of some of its competitors.

While luxury and a stylish exterior might come as standard, the ride quality leans to the firm side, making it a questionable day to day vehicle for someone with a family, for which comfort might come first. Also, as mentioned, the limited rear seating capabilities might make it less appealing than some of its rivals, even if that means renouncing the impressive looks.  Overall though, I fell in love with this ride.  It turned heads everywhere it went, and even if it wasn’t as fast as it could (or should) have been, it was an absolute joy to drive and experience. I want one despite the lack of legroom, and I know even tomorrow and the next day, it would still be turning heads.