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6 Tips to Looking Professional on a Budget

Working in the corporate world, but not with the corporate budget can be very tough. Dressing the part is honestly pretty tough, mainly due to how pricey it can be just to look professional. There are ways to look great, professional, and feel confident, all while sticking to a budget. These tips will help you avoid breaking the bank, all while looking professional for your job. 

Looking Professional

Get the Staples

The staples will vary based on how you identify yourself, but having the sheer basics will help you build up a wardrobe. Be sure to have a nice blazer in a black or a neutral color, matching pants or skirt, a neutral color button shirt, and some comfortable but professional-looking shoes. These will be your foundation, and then you can build from there.

Know Yourself

It’s very important to know what your style is but also figure out what would look best on you. Other things to consider are the season, the company dress code, and the average temperature in the office as well. These all will help you narrow down what you want but also what would be best to wear. This can be something as basic as stylish glasses or even accessories.  So it’s best to acknowledge your personal preferences while also acknowledging what will make you the most presentable but also comfortable at the same time.

Look Presentable

A very important aspect of purchasing professional attire for work would be how it looks on you. Some businesses require their employees to look professional from what they’re wearing to how it’s worn. This can also go for how something looks on you, such as a suit. It’s important to have your clothes tailored to your body.

Tailors are surprisingly not very expensive at all, so you can have your clothes tailored or you can go the cheaper option and learn how to do it yourself. Other than clothes, your hair could also be something that stands in the way of you looking presentable at the office. Try looking into pictures of hair transplants before and after and see if something like that would be an option for you.

Looking Professional

Invest in Pieces

For building any office wardrobe, after you purchase your basics (this is your foundation), you’ll need to then begin working slowly on investing in key pieces. These key pieces are only clothes that you’ll gradually bring into your wardrobe. They are also going to be the clothes that last far longer, while you can go to a department store during sales such as Black Friday. Another great option would be checking out thrift shops, especially those that are in richer neighborhoods.

Avoid Paying Full Price

Your office attire doesn’t need to be expensive, so try to avoid paying full price at department stores. There are plenty of outlet stores such as T.K. Maxx has high-quality brands but at low prices that are perfect for those on a budget. Checking around during the holidays or special sales is another way to take advantage of the savings and keeping to a nice budget.

Plan Out Your Outfits

Great things to incorporate into your daily routine would be planning out outfits in advance. This helps with taking out any guesswork, and you won’t need to rush in the mornings either. But if you lack a sense of fashion there are several services and apps online where you can upload your clothes and service will style them for you.