American states Fall Colors along the Million Dollar Highway
Fall Colors along the Million Dollar Highway © Alan Stark

Which American States Are Great For Your Traveling Plans

American states offer a diverse range of experiences for travelers, from the bustling cities and cultural attractions of places like New York and California to the natural beauty and outdoor adventures in states like Montana and Alaska. Additionally, traveling within the United States is often more accessible and more affordable than traveling internationally, making it a convenient option for travelers. If you’re planning to travel to one of the many US states but need some help deciding where to go, this article has narrowed down some classic and underrated options that you may not have initially had on your radar. Let’s take a look!


Not many people would think of Maryland as their first choice of a state to travel to on their US trip, but this east coast state has a lot to offer for many travelers varying in preferred tastes and preferences. Some of the reasons Maryland is a great destination for travelers include its diverse scenery, ranging from beaches to mountains; its rich history and cultural heritage; its thriving cities and towns full of unique attractions and activities; and its delicious culinary scene, especially in the seafood department. Additionally, some of the best places in Maryland are Ocean City and Assateague Island. The state also boasts a variety of historical sites, such as the Antietam National Battlefield and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, Maryland offers hiking trails at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay. With so much to offer, it’s hard to see why Maryland isn’t already top of the list for many aspiring American states travelers!


California is a diverse and vibrant state. From the stunning beaches of the coast to the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada, there are countless breathtaking natural landscapes to explore. The state also boasts a thriving cultural scene, with world-famous cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco that offer a wealth of activities and attractions. 

In addition, California is home to some of the best food and wine in the country, making it a paradise for gastronomy enthusiasts. No matter what your interests may be, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience in California. Some must-see destinations include Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Napa Valley, Disneyland, and Hollywood.


Colorado is one of the absolute must-see American states. This state boasts stunning natural landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains to the gorgeous red rock formations of the Colorado National Monument. Outdoor adventurers can hike, ski, and explore in these incredible environments. Additionally, Colorado is home to vibrant cities like Denver and Boulder that offer a diverse array of cultural experiences, including fantastic dining and nightlife options, art galleries and museums, and music venues. Overall, Colorado offers something for every type of traveler – whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a city getaway – making it a truly fantastic destination. Some must-see places in Colorado include Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Maroon Bells near Aspen, and Mesa Verde National Park.

New York

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the big apple. New York City has a diverse range of attractions, including world-famous museums, iconic landmarks, bustling markets, and a vibrant performing arts scene. The city also offers a wide variety of cuisines and dining experiences, from high-end Michelin-starred restaurants to casual street food vendors. Additionally, New York’s public transportation system is convenient and efficient for visitors to navigate the city. 


Some may know Virginia as the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents, but the state has so much more to offer visitors. For history buffs, there are well-preserved colonial sites like Williamsburg and Jamestown, as well as Civil War battlefields and museums. Nature lovers can explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Park, and Assateague Island (home to wild ponies). Virginia also boasts a thriving food and wine scene, with notable wineries in Charlottesville and Richmond offering tastings and tours. And let’s not forget about Virginia Beach – a popular beach destination with ample opportunities for fishing, surfing, and other water activities. In short, Virginia truly has something for everyone, making it a great destination for anyone checking off American states on their travel to-do.


Florida gets a bad rap in America, and it really ought not to. This sunny state has so much to offer for those not accustomed to the Floridian way of life. Some of the top reasons to visit Florida include its sunny climate, diverse selection of beaches, vibrant cities, unique attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios, and plentiful outdoor activities. Additionally, Florida is a major destination for both domestic and international travelers, offering plenty of accommodation options and convenient transportation. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure, Florida has something for everyone.

Happy Travels!

Overall, all the various American states offers a multitude of diverse destinations for travelers to explore, from the vibrant cities and stunning natural landscapes of California to the historical sites and beaches of Virginia and Florida. No matter what your interests may be, there is sure to be a destination within the U.S. that will provide an unforgettable experience. Happy travels!