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Shop Smart: Maintaining Style On A Budget

Men’s fashion is more than the cost of a high label brand. It’s about originality and finding a style that works for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, as most of us might not have the luxury of paying for a high-class label and instead be looking for style on a realistic salary and budget. People may have their own sense of style and know what they want, but not know where to look outside of splashing out on the latest brands or logos. Here are some tips on how to branch outside of your usual stores and maintain your own original style on a regular salary and budget. 

Go For The Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe has long been a staple for all aspects of life, from work to weekends away. Investing in a select set of outfits that can be swapped out to create different looks is a sure-fire way to capture your own original style on a budget. Targeting your capsule wardrobe to change with the seasons is the perfect way to keep your costs down and invest in layers and materials that suit the weather. You’ll also have the added bonus of investing in higher quality (or maybe brand) pieces as you won’t need to buy so many items.

Find The Next Best Thing

Your favorite item might be your Supreme hoodie, but let’s face it, Supreme clothing is expensive. If it’s your most prized possession because it’s bright red, maybe it’s time to look beyond the logo and find some unbranded versions with the same color. Uniqlo has hoodies for men at a fraction of the price, and at a high quality. Have fun exploring alternative options to branding and try and incorporate pieces that might look like your ideal branding, but at reduced prices.

Understand What Your Wardrobe Needs

Make a list of all the items you need for your wardrobe, and stick to it. You can dress well on a living budget if you shop smart. Do you really need a new coat every year, if last year’s one is still in great shape and suits you perfectly? You don’t have to wait until the last thread is left, but as long as there’s no wear and tear, you can keep that coat one more season. Retaining the items you don’t need to repurchase will give you a freer rein with the items you actually need. Going for high-quality items at a reasonable price will strike the happy place between excessively buying cheaper items and clearing yourself out with the more expensive brands.

Fake It Until You Make It

Confidence is king in the world of style. You might be wearing a jacket you’ve owned since 2005, but if you wear it with poise the world might just believe it’s brand new. Part of the reason you feel you need to purchase a new wardrobe could be related to a much-needed confidence boost. You can overcome this by pushing past your personal fears if you’re up to it and living outside of your comfort zone. Start thinking about the style you want to create, and maintain your budget by seeing if you can start it with pieces from your existing wardrobe before building up to buying new pieces.

Work With Different Textures

Working with different textures can add depth to your style without breaking the bank. Each season comes with its own chances for fabrics (winter wool and fall fashions like Bean Boots spring to mind). Search for inspiration in magazines or Pinterest pages to get a feel for your favorite fashions and then source out more realistic versions of the expensive brands. Adding statement textural pieces like a wool jumper or leather jacket can be your main investment and everything else can simply act as a complement to the main piece.

Live Within Your Lifestyle

It’s easily done – an outdoorsy man can waste hundreds of pounds purchasing something he’ll never wear. Maybe a dressed-up shirt that sits unloved in the wardrobe for years, or those pair of hiking boots for a metropolitan man that knows they will never see the light of day. Being realistic with your choices means that you’ll save money as you won’t be tempted by something that sounds great on paper, but you know won’t match your personality. In the same way, if you want a style change, don’t go for a look that doesn’t match your current lifestyle, unless you know with certainty you’re going to wear it. 

Be Happy With Your Size

The first way to blow the budget out of the window is not to try before you buy. Trying on every item, and only purchasing those you fit into now is the perfect way to keep things affordable. It’s okay if you thought you were a size smaller than you were – it’s not okay to buy everything in the smaller size and feel awful when none of it fits a month later. If you anticipate weight loss (or gain), try to buy a few items as possible in your current size so you don’t have to reinvent your wardrobe every month.

Check Out Budget Vintage 

If you have an ironically happy inner hipster, budget vintage might be the perfect way to embrace the style without blowing your budget. Stores like Buffalo Exchange cater to a clientele who enjoy the vintage look at an affordable price. If you’re not up for the challenge of trawling your nearest thrift shop or budget fair, buying online might be a happy alternative. All you have to do is buy one budget piece for your wardrobe and you’ll already have saved on your overall outfit.

Keeping the above in mind will hopefully help you to shop smart. Maintaining style on a budget is about more than just keeping prices low, it’s about the volume of items you buy and how likely you are to wear them. Follow the above advice and browse men’s fashions blogs to keep ahead of trends without breaking the bank.