Now Hear This

Now Hear This

What are the 5 most important songs of the week? That’s an excellent question. Lucky for you little bird, we happen to have you covered with all the latest tunes. So now hear this:

Sounding like the love child between Stevie Wonder and Elton John, All This Wandering Around by Ivan & Alyosha is the kind of happy tune to get you out of bed in the morning and forget all about your crippling debt and deadbeat family. So in a way, this song is a hero…


There is more than a bit of controversy about this next song, but that shouldn’t detract for its overall sonic goodness. This video of Young and Unafraid by The Moth & the Flame was “stolen” from the band and posted by a magazine and subsequently racked up millions of hits. The argument boils down to whether this theft is actually a PR stunt or genuine. The master detectives/dicks at reddit have weighed in and roundly pronounced them guilty, but we’ll let you decide for yourself whether the song redeems any possible marketing stunts.


Let’s pick it up a bit with the new Penguin Prison.  Show Me the Way is now your go-to tune when you pile all your friends into your rusted Honda and hit the road to the beach or mountains. You’re welcome. This kind of pop always has a half-life akin to child stars, so enjoy it while you can.


Kickin’ it old school is pretty much a way of life here at FactoryTwoFour. We like our vintage cars, classic fashions, and 70’s soul music. We’re not sorry. And you can keep your Curtis Mayfield’s and Isaac Hayes, because we’ve got William De Vaughn. This slow jam will bring you home every time and let those on the curb know you dig the scene with the gangsta lean.


Every once in a while, you need to just chill the hell out and let your mind wander. Few musical acts are as good at facilitating the zen state of mind as Zero 7. For their latest drop Last Light, they’ve teamed up with one of our favorites Jose Gonzalez. This song is a slow build but it pays off those who stick with it.