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Preparing for Fall Fashion

Say goodbye to those sunny afternoons filled with sun, fun, and a nice cold beverage and say hello fall fashion filled with shorter days, colder weather, and layers. Oh the layers! Maybe you’re still wearing those shorts in hopes of keeping summer going and you haven’t taken any of your cold weather gear out of the back of your closet. Here is your reminder, and while you’re at it, check some of these items off your list to get you prepared for fall fashion.

My personal favorite fall fashion: boots. Whether you like dressier boots, rugged boots, or the iconic Bean Boots, the fall is nothing without boots. You probably remember Bean Boots from your parents or grandparents. Wear these in any weather and your feet will stay dry guaranteed. Wool socks are a must for fall fashion. Perfect for tailgating or a casual fall hike, wool socks will keep your feet nice and toasty. Stock up now for fall and winter and save your toes from the cold.

Fall outerwear is a close second for favorite fall fashion item. Parkas have risen in popularity in the recent years, particularly army green. To add to these, waxed coats from Barbour will last a lifetime. These are quite expensive, but luckily wax coating is cheap. My suggestion is find a military surplus store, grab a parka for cheap and wax it yourself. Plenty of YouTube guides show the step-by-step waxing process and only takes a few hours tops. Chore coats can be perfect for a chilly day as well. Check out our chore coat article for suggestions.

Finally, we have button downs and knitwear. I’ll refer you back to our button down write up for all your button down needs. Knitwear can be tricky with fall fashion because temperatures are often either too warm for knitwear or too cold to only wear knitwear. If you’re anything like me, you hate putting on and taking off all those layers. Cardigans will be your best friend. They’re easy to take off and can be worn with t-shirts or button downs.

Here is your warning! It only gets colder from here. Don’t be behind in your fall fashion. Now is the best time to get geared up for cool weather, hot cider, and layers upon layers. Be comfortable in the cold and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall.