Fly and Dine

It’s no secret that we spend many days on the road, be it in the air headed to the next adventure or a long range road trip, and with 8 flights already in September, this month has been no exception to this on-the-go lifestyle. So you might say we have become experts of packing, knowing exactly what to bring, and how to survive even the smallest of planes.

There are everyday carries, like my phone, wallet, and such, but when it comes to hitting the road, I always pack the same essentials. My trusty iPad 2, a magazine, earbuds, my backup passport, sunglasses, a pen, and a snack.

Now, some of these are bit much, like the passport, but honestly I never want to find myself needing it and not able to access it. I place it in my hotel safe as soon as I check in as a backup ID. Other items, like the iPad and magazine, are clearly entertainment and boredom-killing items. Then comes the snack. I hate the ‘snacks’ served/sold on planes, and while some of the meals I have had have been great, most often I am on 3 hour flights with a beverage and nothing much more. Some people buy their food at the airport, but that does not fit into my idea of delicious.

So I practice what I preach, and just as I do for the office, I always pack a Hillshire Snacking for the trip. It packs neatly into my carry on, always gets through security without an issue, and is such an easily accessible treat that it really is a no brainer. Now, I could bring the Grilled Chicken Bites, but they have this other line of snacks called Small Plates, which have meat and cheese combinations made just for the grownup flavors I crave.


While there are four different flavors to pick from, I usually grab the Italian Dry Salame with Natural Gouda Cheese or the Wine-Infused Salame with Natural White Cheddar Cheese for my carry on. The cured meats are on point with what I would buy for a antipasto plate at home, packing a great amount of flavor without being overly dry or greasy. The cheeses are great as well, the perfect consistency and flavor and lacking the processed flavors found in others. Now, I would love to be packing the Hot Calabrese Salame with Natural Gouda Cheese because who doesn’t love a bit of spice, but it is always sold out whenever I go to the store. (Hey Hillshire – Christmas is coming.  Just saying.)

So what more can be said than it’s time to grow up past the crappy peanuts and pretzels and time to order a mini bottle of in-flight wine and enjoy a snack like an adult. Or maybe skip the wine, but still, enjoy the snacks like you should. With something as easy to pack as the Hillshire Snacking packages, there really is no excuse anymore.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hillshire Snacking. The opinions and text are all mine.