The Ultimate Guide To Embracing Your Inner Hipster

If you are tempted to welcome the hipster trend into your wardrobe with open arms, the chances are you have a thing for all things vintage, don’t mind a spot of plaid, and quite fancy trying to grow a more ornate moustache. The hipster vibe has been around for nearly a decade and shows no sign of abating any time soon. The hipster style isn’t just about fashion, what you wear and the beard wax you choose to apply. You need to embrace the hipster culture, from the coffee shops you choose to frequent, the food you eat and the music you listen to. Take a look at this guide to help you to embrace your inner hipster.


If you are an edgy kind of guy with a monotone wardrobe full of black jeans, white tees and some chunky boots, you will need to throw in a bit more color and pattern to your attire. Plaid shirts from places like Harold’s Clothing, distressed skinny jeans, and retro tee shirts can add a touch of individuality into your wardrobe. Being a hipster is a bit of an oxymoron; you are following a trend but you are also trying to stand out from the crowd at the same time. However plaid plays a big part. If the idea of a full on red and white plaid shirt fills you with dread, add the plaid detailing in pockets, shoelaces or ties.


Nearly every hipster you meet will be keen to show off their latest shades. Even if the sun hasn’t been out for over a month and it’s the depths of winter, the chances are some plaid shirted individuals will stroll past you in the street with the latest Ray Bans on. Consider the sort of glasses that suit your face shape. You might want to opt for the John Lennon and Harry Potter style of mid centur round spectacles. Perhaps you fancy the tortoiseshell framed look. Or maybe a pair of chunky black frames will suffice. If you wear glasses every day anyway because of a prescription, the hipster style will welcome your myopia with open arms!

Facial Hair

Being a hipster means succumbing to the need for facial hair. You could go all out and try to make a name for yourself amongst the hipster eccentrics. By growing a handlebar moustache, or opting for the longer well coiffed beard, you are signifying your arrival on the hipster scene. Maintaining your facial hair is very important. Don’t let it grow scruffy and ragged. Keep it trimmed and smart, and utilize some wax and conditioner to maintain a healthy and smart look to your new bushy appearance.


A hipster’s footwear can range from the retro sneaker look with a pair of classic Converse through to a chunky Doc Martin style boot. Your footwear is an area where you can really flex your individuality. Custom made sneakers are all the rage with names, logos and designs adorning a range of high tops. Or perhaps a lumberjack style boot is more your style. Experiment and decide what would look best with your distressed jeans and plaid shirt.

Hipsters are here to stay, so why not join in the revolution and welcome the trend with open arms.