Get In The Spirit With Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Face it; you’ll inevitably be taking pictures this holiday season. Whether it’s a big group photo for grandma, Christmas morning with the family or an Instagram to show your friends you’re #bored, it’s inevitable. You might as well take that bored selfie and turn it into a #Twelfie joining mike’s hard lemonade’s Tw’elf Re-Gift-O-Rama.

Taking a #Twelfie is as easy as taking a pic with some mike’s and while that alone is great, make it your own. Throw in some friends, put on a tacky sweater, surprise grandma, explain to grandma how your phone is also a camera, let the pets join in, just make sure that mike’s is visible. You can see my #Twelfie below and while it may not seem like much it’s very much my own: standard beanie, face hidden and a filter to make my pale skin appear not so pale.

Tips to make your #Twelfie your own:

Holiday apparel: the tackier the better.
Onesies: because onesies.
Pets: even if you’re not looking so hot pets get likes.
Filter: it’s winter, we’re all pale.
Get creative with your mike’s: utilize flavors, cans and bottles.

So what’s in this #Twelfie for you? A delicious mike’s, a memory frozen in time, jeez, how much do you need? But seriously, the T’elf Re-Gift-O-Rama is mike’s take on a white elephant party so you will get a gift for your #Twelfie once you share your social media link (Facebook or Twitter) with If you like the gift you can claim it then. If you don’t like it or feel it would be a better fit for someone else you can re-gift and get a new gift (you can do this once a day).

It’s that easy and fun to join in the holiday spirit of mike’s hard lemonade so grab a Tw’elf pack (12 bottle variety pack), grab your camera and snap a #Twelfie.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of mike’s hard lemonade. The opinions and text are all mine.