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Car Tech And Innovation – The Latest Tech You’ll Love

Tech isn’t just about lifestyle: it’s about safety too. With car safety devices saving thousands of lives in 2017, according to the Insurance Information Institute, there are obvious benefits to ensuring your car makes use of some of the innovative tech products available on the market. In addition to the safety aspect, you can make sure you have a more relaxing, enjoyable ride, however you travel and wherever you’re traveling to – so what are the latest products in the car tech market, and why should you invest in them? 

Keep your eyes on the road…

… or, get a technology system that’ll do it for you! Dashcams are becoming increasingly common, and can record everything you do (and what other drivers do too) whilst driving, to provide you with evidence of your own, and other people’s actions should you need it. Newer options offer a wide field of vision, GPS connectivity, automatic incident detection, and the option to be voice controlled. Of course, avoiding incidents in the first place is the wish of pretty much everyone, and innovative car tech products exist to fulfil this criterion too. 
The digital blind spot mirror, for example, can be used to give you a real-time, far-more-accurate image of the road and the environment around you than you’d get using a traditional car mirror. Using cameras mounted externally on your car, it’ll offer a crystal-clear digital image, unaffected by distortion or warping caused by viewing the road through the windows in your car. You can boost your vision in another sense, too – by comparing new vehicles like SUVs, cars, trucks or vans, and looking for those with built-in or retrofitted heads-up displays. This system allows you to view what you’d normally see on your dash directly in front of your face, minimizing the amount of time you need to take your eyes from the road. 

Tip-top tire condition

No-one wants a blowout, and the car tech is there to help you minimize the risk of experiencing one yourself. Investing in a tire pressure monitoring system, or choosing a car which already has one built in, can support you to monitor your tires, filling them up as needed and keeping an eye on tread wear while you do. New, active monitoring systems use innovative technology to interpret data sent from pressure monitors inside each tire, whilst passive systems analyze data based on tire rotation speed. 

Talk while you travel

Finally, the range of products which operate via voice control is rising massively. You can remain as hands free as possible with systems that’ll look after your navigation, play your music, call your friends for you on your cell, and maintain the security of your car, just through the sound of your own voice. Some also incorporate gesture control, giving you an added level of communication. 

It’s an exciting market, and set to get even more exciting in the future, with more and more innovative car tech products being introduced to the market each year. For now, take a look at at the difference dashcams, heads-up displays, tire monitoring and voice-control systems could make while you’re driving – and experience the joys of a smoother, safer ride.