Planning To Live In Singapore? Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You Out

Singapore is a wonderful place to live. The city-state has it all: great food, plenty of entertainment options, and beautiful scenery that you can enjoy year-round. There are also many things to do in the city. If you’re thinking about moving here but aren’t sure where to start, this blog post will provide you with some helpful tips for living in Singapore!

Get Your Documents Ready and Apply for Visas as Soon as Possible

There are several types of visas available to ex-pats. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for a temporary visa or even permanent residency status. When applying for any visa, it is essential to have all necessary documents ready and waiting to submit the application as quickly as possible. It can take several weeks to process an application, so get started as soon as possible.

Getting these documents in order is a great place to start when planning to move abroad. Depending on your situation, you may need A valid passport, a recent bank statement, proof of employment, and several other documents.

Know How Much Money is Needed Before Moving to Singapore

Singapore is a costly place. It’s also one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and this means that you’ll be able to find food from nearly every corner of the globe if your stomach starts growling during lunchtime. The cost of eating out can take a toll on any budget quickly, so it’s essential to have a plan in place before moving to Singapore. Find out how much money is needed for rent, utilities, transportation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses so that you can budget adequately once you arrive.

Therefore, you need to have a clear idea of how much you expect to spend every month. If you can estimate your expenses at around S$2000, that should be enough for the first few months until income starts coming in from employment or other sources.

Find a Place to Live

The first step in moving to Singapore is finding a place to live. There are many different housing situations that ex-pats can choose from, including apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. To find properties, visit a real estate agency that specializes in ex-pat housing. The agent will be able to show you pictures and information about available properties and help you start the housing application process.

When looking for a place to live in Singapore, ensure that your desired property is zoned for residential use. Some areas are only meant for commercial purposes, such as offices or retail stores. These will not be allowed to house residents.

Decide What You Want to Do in Singapore

Once you’ve moved to Singapore, it’s time to start exploring. Decide what activities interest you and make a list of those things that are potential hobbies or professional pursuits. For example, if your plans include finding a job in the city as an engineer, look for ways to get involved with engineering-related groups or societies before making a move. If you’re more interested in taking photos, start doing some research on upcoming photography-related events that are happening here so that you can attend them once they’ve started.

Finding activities to do in Singapore is also a great way of making friends and meeting new people. Join clubs or groups related to your interests, go out for dinner with friends, or take some time to explore your neighborhood. There are countless options for fun things to do in Singapore to help you make friends and find activities that resonate with you!

Apply For a Work Pass

One of the first things that ex-pats moving to Singapore should do is apply for a work pass. When getting a job, this document will be needed and can usually be obtained within three days of applying at any government agency office. The application process requires completing an online form, submitting required documents such as an employment contract or letter from your future employer, and passing a medical examination.

Work passes are only valid for six months and must be renewed after this period has passed. It’s important to note that ex-pats who have been issued with work passes cannot remain unemployed in Singapore, even if any organization or company does not currently employ them.

Register With the Police Station Near Where you Will be Living


When moving to Singapore, it’s essential to register with the police station near where you’re living. During this process, ex-pats will have their fingerprints taken, and a personal profile filled out that includes information such as height, weight, address, citizenship status in Singapore (if relevant), occupation details, marital status/family members living with them, next of kin, and criminal records/identity.

This information will be used for safety reasons, such as identification verification when necessary (for example, if you’re caught speeding or committing a crime). It’s also important to note that you must fill out the personal profile form in full at one time; you cannot do it over several visits to the police station.

To make moving to Singapore as easy as possible, it’s important to find a place to live that will suit your needs and lifestyle. Once you’ve done this, start looking for activities or hobbies that might interest you here in the city. It can also be beneficial to apply for a work pass before arriving so that ex-pats are ready to start a new career in Singapore as soon as they move here. By taking some time to plan and get organized, moving to Singapore can be smooth sailing from the very start!