5 Reasons You Need Truck Bed Protection

Whether it’s spray-in bedliner or an anti-skid rubber mat, your truck bed needs protection. Find out why truck bed protection is so important to invest in.


You can’t beat a brand new pick-up truck.

More than just a mode of transport, they become your pride and joy. They’re big, burly, and beautiful- a status symbol that combines power and practicality.

It’s no surprise they now make up just under 16.5% of all auto-sales in America.

After all, a pick-up truck is often key to earning a living too. Transporting heavy gear and equipment between locations is a task for which lesser vehicles couldn’t cope.

However, all that heavy lifting can take its toll; taking steps to protect and maintain your truck is crucial. Truck bed protection is one easy addition that can make a mighty difference in that endeavor.

Want to learn more? Read on for 5 key reasons to protect your truck bed.

1. Protect the Vehicle

First thing’s first: laying any sort of bed protection safeguards the bed material itself.

We don’t need to tell you about the potential for damage here. The constant insertion and removal of heavy, dirty, and sharp objects and equipment can do serious harm to the truck.

The risk doesn’t stop there, though, a lack of bed liner or protection can leave it open to the elements. Rust, corrosion, and staining all become likely as a result. In turn, the aesthetic (more on this later) and structural integrity of the truck bed can be affected.

This level of damage is entirely preventable.

It’s natural for trucks to be put through their paces; to experience their fair share of knocks, bumps, and shunts. However, that doesn’t mean the vehicle materials need to suffer.

Bed protection comes in many forms. Taking the easy step to get it fitted will ensure your truck can continue to look and perform properly for longer.

2. Protect Your Cargo

The vehicle isn’t the only thing that needs protecting though.

Your cargo is often just as precious! Alas, the absence of truck bed protection puts it all at risk.

After all, there’s nothing like a hard metal base and sides to facilitate damage. Everything from expensive tools to vital electronic equipment are likely transported via your truck. With no padding between them and the bed, there’s every chance of them moving and banging around in transit.

In worst-case scenarios, you can arrive at your destination with a truck bed full of broken gear. However, even if everything is still functional, superficial damage like chips and marks can be frustrating to find.

Again, it’s entirely preventable with appropriate truck bed protection. Some liners, for instance, are made from softer materials that effectively cushion your cargo.

The wear and tear you’ve become accustomed to will become a thing of the past.

3. Protect Your Knees

You may spend more time in your truck bed than you’d like to.

When you’re loading and unloading goods and gear, it’s often necessary. Climbing in makes it easier to access everything and ensure it’s secured for transit.

Unfortunately, the job isn’t always a pleasant one. After all, kneeling down on cold hard metal doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun’. The reality is one of pain and discomfort.

Doing it once or twice isn’t an issue. However, for anyone using their truck day in and day out, the constant contact with an unprotected bed liner can become more serious. What starts as a slight annoyance can soon turn into a more serious physical problem.

In some cases, your ability to work might be compromised.

Do yourself a favor and fit some protection to the truck bed! It’s a minor change, but the soft layer under your knees will make a significant positive difference over time.

4. Protect the Aesthetics

Aesthetics came up earlier.

However, as one of the primary benefits of protecting your truck bed, it’s worth re-emphasizing.

Truck bed protection impacts the looks of your truck in two primary ways:

Firstly, as we covered earlier, it protects the actual materials from harm. The prevention of scrapes, scratches, chips, marks and stains means the appearance of the bed won’t be impacted.

Secondly, the protection itself can lend the finishing touches to a truck’s aesthetic. The application of a spray-on liner (like this product) or bed-rug liner, for instance, results in a smart and altogether pleasing visual outcome.

Like we mentioned in the introduction, trucks quickly become your pride and joy. It’s natural to want it to stay in top condition, looking its best.

Moreover, many people wish to put their own visual stamp on their truck through various forms of customization. Truck bed liners are some of the cheapest and easiest means of customization available.

5. Protect the Re-Sale Value

The functional and aesthetic advantages of bed protection lead to another positive outcome:

They ensure the truck holds its value better for when you come to sell it.

Let’s face it, nobody will pay top dollar for a vehicle that’s covered in bumps and scrapes. The engine might be in pristine condition, but if the bodywork is substandard you’ll be forced to lower the asking price.

As you know, vehicle prices depreciate heavily with time anyway. Having to drop that price even further for aesthetic issues will rub salt into the wound.

Do yourself a financial favor by installing truck bed protection at your earliest convenience. There’s a chance you’ll recoup the cost when you sell the vehicle anyway!

Time to Invest in Truck Bed Protection

Pick-up trucks are more popular in the United States than ever before.

They now constitute a significant percentage of overall vehicle sales in the country. It’s no surprise considering the practical and visual appeal they hold.

Aside from the status symbol they’ve come to possess, these attractive vehicles boast a host of practical benefits too. Their size, power, and design make them ideal for people working in numerous industries.

However, trucks often suffer constant wear and tear in these environments. As a result, extra protection is important for preserving their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

In that endeavor, truck bed protection is one of the simplest assets at your disposal. Hopefully, this post has demonstrated why that’s the case.

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