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How to Get a Data Only Plan in Singapore

We consume a lot of content on our mobile phones. The content ranges from various social media pages, music streaming, virtual courses, articles, news, online videos, video calls, voice calls, and some people even use their mobile data to do their work. These apps all require data as WIFI can be limiting; it can be very tricky to wait to get home to use home WIFI.

There are a lot of telecommunication firms that have come up with data only plans in Singapore to satisfy the Singaporeans need for data they can rely on. Most provide affordable plans which are either limited or unlimited. Circles. Life is among one of the telecommunication companies that give Singaporeans various affordable data plans. Let’s look at some of the only data plans, their features and other details as offered by Circles. Life.

What does it mean by “Data only plan”?

As the name describes it, it is a type of plan that permits data usage only. In this plan, there are no SMS or talk time included.

What are the plans available?

There are two options available

1. 50GB, which goes for $20 per month

This is the best seller plan; some of the features of this plan are:

• There is no contract involved

• 4G speed

• Sim Card delivery is free

• More data can be added on the line from the app.

• Subscription can be cancelled anytime.

2. 130GB, which costs $40 per month.

This is the best choice among their plans as a user will need to top up some money for more data than the first one. Some of its features include:

• Has 4G speed

• Unused data is rolled over to the next month

• There are no contracts involved

• The Sim Card is delivered free of charge.

• It can be cancelled anytime a user feels like it.

What is it only suitable for?

This plan is perfect for use on

• Tablets

• Lines that use data only

• Portable WIFI which requires the use

Reasons to love these data plans.

These plans also incorporate tablets plus sim offers, and as such, there is a lot to love about the deals they offer. They include:

• There is an excellent data boost. It eliminates the endless WIFI password searches for the Tablet bought with the sim

• Reasonable offers of paying monthly. The Tablet can be paid for monthly with zero interest

• Offers service as a package: the device can be bought along with the sim.

How does buying both a phone and SIM work?

• First, you will need to sign up for the data only sim card.

• After buying the Sim card, then you can log in to the Circle. Life App and then shop for phones or Tablets to purchase.

• The tablet can be paid in total upfront, or it can be paid in installments.


1. What services does the data-only plan have?

When clients purchase this plan, they can get the 50GB data plan or the 130 GB data plan. These plans come with a high-speed 4G internet connection. This plan has no access to either SMS or calls.

2. Is this plan available to both the existing and new clients?

This is only available to new clients; the existing customers can get their data sharing offers on their Multi-Sims from the company app.

3. Can the data only plan be linked to other plans?

The Data only plan cannot be linked as it is an independent plan; if a customer wants to connect multiple plans, they can do so by purchasing the Multi-sim from the app. This can enable data sharing across two sim lines.

With many telecommunication companies, Singaporeans have to wisely choose the data plan that is affordable to them and has fast internet speed. The Circle. Life has excellent data-only intentions to offer, and in addition to the plan can also come with a device, which allows for monthly instalment payment with zero interest charges. So, if stuck on what telecommunication company to settle for, consider going through the above packages provided to establish if it is a good deal for you.