3 Solitary Activities To Bring You Back To Yourself

It is very common these days for people to feel as though they have forgotten themselves. We can blame many aspects of our modern culture for this. It could be the overabundance of technology drawing people into machines day after day, or it could be the relentless yoke of work doing its thing on the mind. Whatever it is, it is important for each of us to find the time to get back to ourselves, and that can seem like an impossible thing to do at times. However, one way is to simply spend more time alone, and that is something that we can each learn to do more and more as we see the benefits of it. In this article, we are going to look at just three solitary activities which can be useful for bringing you back to yourself in no time.


For anyone who has never gone fishing before, you might be surprised at just how easily you can pick up the essentials of this fascinating sport. Of course, picking up the essentials doesn’t mean that you are going to necessarily be able to catch anything for a while, but that’s okay – part of the whole point of this is that you are able to execute some patience while you wait to catch some fish. In order to go fishing, you really don’t need much. A rod, obviously, which you can borrow or hire if necessary, and bait such as the traditional kind or something that attracts fish like dock lights. Then it’s just a matter of sitting and being patient, and in that time you will find that you have plenty of opportunity for some great solitude, which is exactly the whole point of this exercise.


Meditation is likely to work particularly well because it is not only another solitary activity, but also something which is designed to impact you in many positive ways too. The great thing is that you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to use meditation, in fact it can be a perfectly secular act, and yet it can do so much for you that it is absolutely worth looking into. At its simplest, it is merely the process of watching your mind as calmly and clearly as you can, and yet this simple act can make a huge difference to how in tune with yourself you really are. Try to meditate once or twice a day in order to see its full benefits.


There are few things better than going on a long hike by yourself, and just getting away from it all in the wilderness. If you are keen to spend some time alone, then this is a great way to do so, and it is something which you will find is likely to be especially enjoyable if you happen to like walking too. If nothing else, it gives you the chance to get out in nature and breathe the fresh air, and to spend some time alone to think by yourself. It’s well worth doing for that reason alone.