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Keeping the Costs of Running a Vehicle Down

When you are a car owner, then you will know that there are more costs that are associated with it than just the initial price tag. There are a number of running costs with cars from the cost of fuel, insurance rates, as well as ongoing repair and maintenance costs. They can all add up so it is a good idea to think about considering all of the potential costs that could arise before you go ahead and choose your next vehicle. In order to keep your running costs low, here are some simple tips to help you to reduce the costs of your vehicle, as much as you can. 


Your car insurance is going to be one of the largest costs for all drivers, but it will impact newer drivers the most. You need to have insurance in place in order to be able to drive out on the road. In order to cut down the costs of the car, then you could think about the kind of car that you are driving. Typically, any high-performance cars like sports cars, have a higher insurance group because they are much more expensive to repair. An insurer will charge you more if you have a more expensive car because there is more risk for them should they have to pay out for it. Cheaper cars and usually smaller cars, will often have the lowest premium. So if you are on a budget, it is definitely something to think about. 

If you want to think about keeping costs down, then here are some of the things that you can do: 

  • Choose to buy or lease a car from somewhere like Bayside CDJR that is in a lower car insurance group. Then you will get a cheaper premium and save lots of money. 
  • When you shop for your insurance, make sure that you shop around and take your time. Compare insurers and what is on offer, and then you can take your time to think about what really will be the best deal for you. 
  • Some insurers offer something known as a ‘black box’ which is something fitted to the car to monitor how you drive. It rewards drivers that are being careful as it shows to the insurer that you aren’t a risky driver, so you’ll get money off your premium. 
  • You could think about adding on an additional driver to your insurance policy. If you are young, then having a parent with a good driving record on the insurance can help to lower the costs quite dramatically. 
  • Paying for insurance in installments will cost more in the long term. So where possible, pay for your premium up front so that you’re not going to be paying more than you need to. 


The fuel that you use with your car is one of the obvious running costs as you’ll need to refuel quite regularly. To fill up a car engine, then it can cost anything from $60 or more, so it is a considerable cost to being the owner of a car. So when you are looking out for your next car, then it can be a good idea to think about a car that comes with good fuel consumption to help you to keep your running costs low. If you’re not too sure about fuel consumption, then something that is classed as good is when you get over thirty miles to the gallon. A vehicle with an MPG of over 45 if great, especially for any urban driving.

There are some other suggestions that can help you to keep costs down, and those can include:

  • You can use websites, as well as apps, that help you to find the cheapest place to get your fuel in your area
  • You can keep your tires inflated to help you to save money on fuel. When tires are lower, they cause a lot more drag on your car, meaning that you will need more fuel overall. 
  • Keeping your car light and freeform clutter can help you to reduce fuel costs. A heavier car full of things in the trunk can weight it down and mean more fuel is needed for the same journey
  • When you are driving at a low speed for local driving, then you will use a lot of fuel. In order to reduce how much you use, turn off the air-conditioning and you will use up much less fuel


If you want to keep your car working well and being in a great condition, then you need to service your car regularly, which can usually be advised by your manufacturer. If you decide to skip getting any maintenance then you can impact the quality of your vehicle and how well it runs, but also it can prove costly if something major needs repairing that could have been dealt with before it escalated. 

You could also think about a monthly maintenance package in order to spread out the costs of maintenance. When the costs are spread out over a longer period of time, it will help you to budget and finance. You could also think about shopping around for the best price of repairs, service, or maintenance. Make sure that you use an approved manufacturer for parts, though. Having services on your vehicle can be a nuisance, but overall it will help you to keep the costs down as things will be dealt with as and when they come up. 

Finally, you need to remember that the way that you drive has an impact on your vehicle running costs. If you drive quite quickly and break quite suddenly, then it can use up a lot more fuel than you would if you drove quite steadily. There is definitely plenty to think about if you want to keep the running costs of your vehicle down, as well as insurance. Cars can be expensive to run, but with a little know-how, you can keep all of the costs of running a vehicle within your budget.