Saving The Home Cooked Dinner

There is something to be said about a home cooked meal, and even in this day and age, it is becoming less and less of a commonality in the household. Even in my home where I am often only cooking for one, the chances that I even have the time to prepare and cook something amazing and delicious is seemingly getting slimmer by the day. This is not for lack of trying, but more for lack of time. We are a busy, and the kitchen is paying the price.

What I love is wandering the local grocer freezers and seeing chef inspired food, which even after trying many of them, I have found them all to be as bland and boring as something quickly tossed together at home. It’s time for this trend of bland to end; chef inspired is one thing, but chef prepared is another. Cuisine Solutions, an American premium foods company that specializes in the sous-vide method of cooking and meal preparation. They have been providing gourmet products to top restaurants, resorts and catering companies for years and is now making its product line available to everyone.

Cuisine Solutions6

That’s right. Now home cooks now have access to these delicious ingredient, which already come pre-prepared via sous vide, helping to make a quick and easy meal. And it could be the step needed to save dinner at home.

As someone who is working more than I probably should be, I had to give them a try. I am tired of the frozen pizzas and boring, cardboard enhanced ‘meals’ that I had been torturing my body with. And boy, is my stomach happy and filled with gourmet.

Giving the seared short ribs and white beans with thyme and garlic a try, I will admit it was much easier than I thought it would be. Arriving sealed in the sous vide back, it was an almost too easy preparation in the oven. While it says you can cook in the microwave, I found the waterbath a better choice to ensure the perfect preparation. Setting both items in a high heat dish, bag and all, I poured hot water from the kettle over the items and let them come to temperature.. Now, I’ve never cooked with a bag before, and was a bit hesitant, but what came out was beyond gourmet.

The seared short ribs were better than most I have had at restaurants, with the meat falling apart with a knife and the flavor being perfect throughout. The temperature was perfect the whole mean and there was not one hint of dryness in any of the course. The white beans with garlic and thyme, a new combination for me in terms of meal, was amazing from start to finish, and even for leftovers the next day in the office.

So what does this all mean for dinner at home? Well, honestly, if the time isn’t there, we shouldn’t be forced to pick something that isn’t delicious just to fill the space. And Cuisine Solutions? Well, they saved dinner, and it’s not gourmet.

Interested in saving your home cooked dinner? Use the coupon code “MYBLOGGERSPECIAL” for more savings, and all orders over $75 get free shipping.  The benefits of a program like this are amazing, and with food like this coming strait to your front door, it would be silly to not even give them program a shot for your first order.  You won’t be disappointed.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cuisine Solutions. The opinions and text are all mine.