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The Future Of Entertainment May Not Meet Your Expectations

Have you ever thought about what entertainment may look like in the future? You might think that it’s impossible to predict future entertainment trends, but this isn’t quite true. By exploring the trends of today, we can predict what is going to happen to entertainment in the future. Let’s find out exactly what we should see over the next few years.


Augmented Individuals

A key element of entertainment these days is apps like Tinder which make dating both easy and digital. You swipe left or right depending on whether you want to meet someone, after viewing images and their profile.

Well, what we’ll likely see in the future is a way to essentially point your phone at someone and discover whether they have a profile. You can then view information about them and decide whether you want to match. Obviously, people will need to opt into this type of experience due to privacy laws. While you might think this is a pipe dream, it’s not that far off reality. All it takes is phones connecting and being able to scan a phone for specific info. Once the security issues are ironed out, definitely expect this to be introduced sooner rather than later. There was a rumour not too long ago that Facebook was already exploring this possibility.

DIY Music Production

You might actually wind up making your own music in the future if artificial intelligence technology continues to improve. Instead of developing concepts from scratch, you work with a bot that tells you which sequence of sounds and melodies make sense for your chosen input. You’ll still be able to use a loop pedal for live sets, but it will make the recording of music much easier. The next segment of the song could be an auto-suggestion, similar to what users have come to expect on sites like YouTube and Facebook. What it means is that you don’t have to be a musical genius to come up with your own productions. You just need to have an ear for what sounds good.

The End Of Cable?

Have you already cut your cable cord? You’re not alone, the number of people using cable TV is constantly decreasing. But are we heading towards a future where these possibilities no longer exist? The answer is unclear however you can definitely expect to see digital options like IPTV coming to the forefront over the next few years. If you don’t know what this is you may want to explore an IPTV guide. However, the general concept is watching live TV through an online system rather than cable or satellite. It’s cheaper and it provides a healthy range of options without needing to worry about choosing the right bundle or set of channels. 

A Change To Cinema

Cinema is going to have to change or die completely. The main focus here will be reshaping cinema to offer something that you can’t get at home. They’re already exploring these ideas with three screens for a more immersive experience, 3D films and 4DX movies. These ideas are going to continue to grow with new ones probably being constantly thrown into the mix. With streaming options growing, this is an absolute necessity. Particularly, when high-quality films like The Irishman are basically skipping the cinema altogether. Cinema chains went on the defensive refusing to screen the film recently. However, what they need to do is start shifting their focus to providing more value.

James Cameron, for instance, is betting on glasses-free 3D. We’ll see if he can pull that off in 2021 when Avatar 2 is finally unveiled. 

We hope you see now that the future is indeed already written and largely set. These trends are going to be part of our entertainment future, whether we like it or not.