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What You Need To Know About Rolex Green

The color of money, nature, and emeralds, green holds an immense cultural significance. And in the world of watches, it is associated with Rolex. But why would that be, and why is it called Rolex green?

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The ultimate guide to Rolex nicknames

Nicknames are typically an inherent part of any watch collection. Only the most collectable Rolex watches have ever been nicknames. For many years now, Rolex nicknames including “Paul Newman Daytona” and “Pepsi GMT” have been utilized by experts and collectors all over the globe. Still, in the real sense, these names do not exist in the genuine Rolex’s standard catalog. In fact, these nicknames are only a form of collectively approved shorthand of how fans love to refer to vintage favorites, rare models, or colorful and unique designs. Every nickname has its story, and some are more complex or literal than others.

Rolex nicknames according to colors


The green Rolex Submariner with its matching Green ceramic bezel has gained the “Hulk” name because of its all-green color profile as well as the thick Super Case pattern. While this is not the first case where Rolex has utilized the color green on the Submariner category of watches, the hulk marks the first time that both bezel and dial insert have been produced in the company’s color. Although the addition of a strap (purple in color) would totally embrace the “Hulk” name, the all-green profile and thicker designed case make for a general appearance that is relatively suggestive of Marvel Comics’ popular green superhero.


A controversial and rare Rolex, the “Blueberry” name refers to the GMT-Master 1675 model of watches that were fitted with blue bezel inserts. Although some experts believe that Rolex never manufactured these blue bezels since they were never ordinary choices in the catalog, these blue bezels were custom-order elements. However, these Rolex models are scarce and highly disputed.

rolex green


Well, ice is not exactly a color, though the bright white shine of the diamonds is unique enough to earn a spot on this list. One of the most expensive Rolex watches in its catalog, the solid 18K Ice model, is totally coated with diamonds and represents one of the best luxurious watches ever produced.

The green color has been associated with luxury and abundance, and it is undoubtedly the most common color associated with Rolex. Besides utilizing green color on its logo, Rolex has chosen this color for most of their special watches. Not only does the color match elegantly with the stainless steel and gold structure of their watches, but also it makes a watch look more luxurious, rugged, and more fun.