New Motorcycle Owner

Just Bought A New Motorcycle? Here’s How To Turn It Into The Ride Of Your Dreams

Being a new motorcycle owner, there’s a few things you’ll have in common with people who have owned bikes their whole lives; in particular, you want your ride to look good, feel good, and be the kind of motor you’ve always wanted to drive. And whether you were able to buy a brand new bike that’s got all the modcons you could need, or you went second hand and want to dress the body up a bit, there’s a few modifications out there for you. And here’s what you need to know about them!

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Making the Ride More Comfortable

There are many ways to make your motorcycle more comfortable, and best of all, this is the most budget friendly modification you can make! So, do you hate the way your hands have to stretch to ensure you can use the levers to change gears? Why not swap them out for smaller levers that are easier to handle? 

Or why not buy a pair of heated gloves to help keep your hands warm and supple when you’re riding during cold weather, or for long periods of time? And if you hate the feel of the seat, you can bulk it out with pads to help cushion your ride in the future. 

Making Your Motorcycle Feel Faster

Improving your suspension by adding in an adjustable model will help your bike respond to your commands in a much more timely manner. You’ll cut down reaction times tenfold, which can help you take corners much more efficiently when at speed. Be sure to talk to a mechanic when fitting this new suspension to ensure it’s fitted properly and can be used in a safe manner. 

Similarly, if you’re looking to emulate professional racers here, you can turn to products such as ducati 900ss fairing kits to help reduce the amount of air drag your cycle experiences when headed at top speeds. This is a good way to both improve your speed capability, as well as the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle – what could be better for achieving the ride of your dreams? 

Making Your Time on the Road Safer

Even though you’re throttling faster, you’ve still got to drive safely! So even with the above modifications on your side, you’ve got to think about road safety, and how you can adapt. Safety is very much about knowing how to use your cycle, and being aware of the road around you. 

For example, always make sure your mirrors are in the right position, and be sure to use over the shoulder glances to double check the risk. Always drive defensively when around other vehicles, particularly cars, and keep the racing maneuvers to more private stretches of road, such as actual racetracks. 

If you’re a new motorcycle owner, make it a more comfortable and fast ride by adding in a few road ready modifications. But most of all, make sure you know how to control your bike whenever you’re on the road.