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Thrilling Ideas For This Year’s Vacation

It can be difficult to decide where to go on vacation, especially if everyone you’re traveling with has different interests and ideas about what kind of vacation they want. While there is probably no place on Earth that can provide everything you desire, there are some destinations that are quite adaptable and can appeal to a wide range of people. If you’re traveling with a large group this year, you’ll want to make sure that the experience caters to everyone, so here are some various types of vacation ideas to consider.


Somewhere hot and sunny

One of the most common reasons people go on vacation is to get and preserve a beautiful tan to show off to their friends and family. If nothing excites you more than looking tanned and having beautiful skin, try taking a tanning vacation where you can do nothing but keep your skin looking lovely and bronzed. Don’t forget to use enough sunscreen to avoid the chance of developing skin cancer.

If you’re planning a sunbathing getaway, make sure to look into different destinations that can provide you with beach settings to relax while also providing tanning spaces at your hotel. So why not gather your girlfriends together and go on a sunbathing holiday this year? Don’t forget to pack your best swim suit!

Thrill seeking getaways

Imagine yourself in a beautiful country with wonderful weather and a plethora of activities. It will undoubtedly be a holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life, just don’t forget to pack your mens tactical belt and your shin pads!

Thrill holidays are ideal for adrenaline junkies. While on vacation, many people like doing something that pushes them beyond their comfort zones. If you enjoy a little thrill seeking, keep an eye out for destinations that can provide you with adrenaline-pumping activities. Remember that if you’re going on a thrill-seeking vacation, you should have money set aside so that you will have the time of your life!

Work behind the bar

Many youngsters these days are funding their travels by getting jobs at nightclubs and bars in popular tourist destinations such as Magaluf. This allows them to enjoy their vacation for as long as they’d like. Some people spend their summer months abroad, while others see it as a more permanent move and spend a few years abroad enjoying the sun and a carefree life!

Become a tour guide

Alternatively, if bar work really isn’t your thing, there are other roles you might consider such as a tour guide for new tourists to the area. Being a tour guide not only allows you to make money from your travels to stay longer, but it also gives you the opportunity to see the greatest sites every day for free! If you love sight seeing and love learning more about destinations, becoming a tour guide might just be the perfect solution for you.


Historic vacations

Learning about the historical roots of the place you’re visiting is a terrific way to spend part of your vacation time. Many countries are proud of their histories, so you will never be bored. Destinations that can offer history to their tourists are frequently popular with families because it provides them with something to occupy their youngsters while still allowing them to explore other possibilities. Not only that, but it gives their children the chance to learn something new while having fun! If you love the idea of learning the histories of intriguing towns and villages, a historic vacation might just be perfect for you!

Luxury holidays

Holidays are the perfect time to spoil yourself; after all, you deserve it! So, when it comes to booking a vacation, consider treating yourself to a luxury holiday. Vacations such as cruises and all-inclusive packages are ideal for those who want to live a lavish lifestyle for a few days or weeks.

A luxury holiday does not have to be in a hot location; there are many destinations for tourists around the world that can offer amazing holiday locations for you and your friends, or even your family! You could choose anything from a vacation in the sun in luxury condos to a cabin in the snow to cozy up in and get away from it all.

Eating holidays

Some people choose to go on eating vacations in order to sample flavours and dishes from all over the world. This usually entails traveling to a few different places over the course of their vacation and sampling the specialty dish of each city and town. So, if you enjoy fine food and drinks, why not consider going on an eating vacation to try some new and exciting flavours?

Eating holidays are frequently organized for people who have eating disorders in order for them to overcome their fear of food and try to regain some normalcy in their diets. So, if you’re someone who tends to eat the same foods over and over, or if you’re simply looking for a new set of tastes to excite your taste buds, an eating holiday is for you.

Alternatively, if you’re not interested in trying new dishes, you could travel to different locations and sample some fine wines and other local beverages. Whatever piques your interest could lead you to discovering and tasting some incredible wines!

Simple yet relaxing

Sometimes the best vacations are the simple ones that involve packing a suitcase and pitching a tent in the middle of a field. These types of vacations are ideal for large groups of people because you can enjoy each other’s company while also relaxing.

Another fantastic reason to go on a simple vacation is that it can transport you back to simpler times and eliminate your need for technology and the outside world for a few days. It will allow you to experience nature in its purest form, and it can really help to ground someone who has a very hectic lifestyle.

Rather than taking the usual route the next time you travel, consider renting a campervan and making the journey yourself. You’ll save money on plane tickets and airport fees, and you’ll have complete control over where you go. If no hotels or B&Bs are available, you could simply sleep in your campervan and enjoy nature.


Stay with a working family

Finding a family willing to take you in for the duration of your stay is a brilliant way to truly experience another culture. They could be renting out a room for you to sleep in, or they could simply ask for assistance on their farm in exchange for a free room. Imagine being with them and working as they do, experiencing what they do for fun, and learning about other families from around the world. If you’re looking for a culture shock, this type of vacation is definitely one to consider.

All aboard!

Many people prefer to travel by sea in order to visit and experience many different cultures and cities in a single trip. Instead of taking a traditional cruise ship, why not opt for yacht vacations that will allow you to see the world in style. It’s not often that you get to live the high life and travel by yacht, so keep this in mind the next time you’re planning a trip.

Alternatively, find a sailor online that’s willing to take passengers on their next journey. You could experience the life of a sailor and the tranquility living at sea can bring.


As we all know, many countries around the world are dealing with devastation and poverty on a daily basis. Instead of traveling to various parts of the world, why not devote your time, effort, and love to making these people’s lives a little bit easier? Not only will you be exposed to a new way of life, but you will also feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment knowing that you have assisted those in need. There are never enough volunteers to help these impoverished countries, so the next time you travel, make a difference and volunteer to change some lives for the better!

Teach English abroad

Many countries, such as China, are always on the lookout for more English teachers to teach their students. What a fantastic way to switch up your career while exploring a new part of the world. It doesn’t stop there; you could also look into other countries that are in need of teachers and see where you end up. The options are limitless.

As you can see, there are many different ways to travel that do not have to be expensive. You can still have many wonderful experiences, but you can do so without spending a lot of money on hotels and travel. Try seeking adventure in an unusual way the next time you travel!