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The 5 Rules of Giving Yourself a Dad Makeover

If you are looking to improve your style, but you feel that you are too old, or too much of a dad to evoke any sense of style, you are mistaken. It’s understandable, that being a dad means that all semblance of style goes out the window. And, after all, so many dads have so many commitments in life that they just don’t have the opportunity to focus on their appearance as they wanted it. And of course, being a dad usually comes with the stereotypical dad bod, complete with beer belly. But let’s show you a couple of things to help you give yourself a proper dad makeover, with some style to boot!

Work On Your Looks

The perfect makeover starts with your own personal look. You want to make sure that you are looking the best version of yourself possible and for this, you want to go with natural color palettes for your wardrobe and accessorize with items that suit your lifestyle. Cosmetic makeovers are another popular way to boost your physical appearance, which is why you should consider some minor ones. Gulf Tiger dads often get various dental implants in Dubai that help them upgrade their smile and give them more confidence which translates into a better overall look. Small improvements such as these make a world of difference.

The Importance of Accessories

Whether there are some trendy glasses for men you’ve been lusting over or a watch, accessories work fantastically as a statement piece but also cover up a multitude of sins. The loft used example is a hat. While it helps to cover up any male pattern baldness, a hat can be a fantastic accessory when used with the right dad makeover.

Don’t Have Too Many Brands

Brand = trying too hard! If you think that having a plethora of brands upon your person makes you cooler, it screams insecurity! Never have a statement brand word or icon visible by someone on the other side of the playground! You can have a little logo on a pocket of your shirt adds a little decorative touch, but you’ve got to stick with quality materials, rather than the brand.

Know Your Size

While most guys, when they become dad’s, feel it’s the perfect excuse to put on a few pounds, it doesn’t look flattering when you’re trying to fit into clothes that are on the slimmer side. You need to know your size, not just so you can purchase suitable clothes, but you can also get the size right so it can disguise that belly. Having something that is a tailored fit will always make you look more flattering.

Look at the Style Icons Your Age

This is the perfect place to begin, and while the cliche is that dads are “old codgers,” the fact of the matter is that there are dad style icons at all ages! Have a look at the people that really speak to you, not just in terms of those people your age, but also someone who fits your body type. But don’t copy them exactly, start off easily, and then ramp up as you become more confident.

Your Best Style Is Right in Front of You

You may think that becoming a dad is something that automatically makes you old and irrelevant, but having kids can keep you in the loop as far as style is concerned. And the great thing is that if you are trying to make yourself more stylish, despite being a dad, you have to remember that men actually get better looking with age. So you may find that your best style is right in front of you. Take the opportunity to embrace the styles of your age with a dad makeover, rather than trying to fight the tide and look younger.