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An Easy Guide To Online Dating: How To Make Your Profile Look Good

In the age of social media and the internet, online dating seems to be the perfect way to find your other half. It can be a little hard trying to express yourself on any platform using only words and pictures. Here’s an easy online dating guide to help you make your profile look good.

Stay Positive and Honest

People tend to try to catch your vibe through what you post on whichever dating app you choose. Sounding too formal or too negative might result in people getting intimidated or not being interested in you. Try to sound positive and cheerful on your profile without overdoing it. You need to also be honest in your profile. You are not supposed to lie on your bio or describe yourself as something you’re not. Apart from when that person meets up with you, they’ll realize you’re not who you say you are or you will match with people that you will not get along with. Stay honest and positive as much as possible, and of course, never post pictures that belong to someone else.

Choose Recent Pictures

Yes, posting pictures where you look your youngest and prettiest will make more people want to go out with you, but don’t post pictures that have not been taken within the past two years. This makes people feel catfished when they meet you in real life. You might think that it is not a huge deal as the person in the picture is in fact you, but it doesn’t really feel authentic and honest when someone sees a picture of you and then meets you and you look different. It is not really about looking different or older, it is about lying to someone before you even go out on your first date. Try to post the most recent pictures where you look nice and well-put-together. You don’t have to post many pictures, just post the ones that you feel good about and that most resemble what you look like in real life.

Search for the Right App

There are many different dating websites and apps out there and it can be very hard to figure out which one to use. Every app or website has different features that you might find useful for you. Some apps allow you to post pictures only, other apps will allow you to post pictures and videos, and a few where you can write a post. There are also apps for specific types of people. There are apps for random hookups, online Muslim dating websites, and websites for the LGBT community. Some websites provide different means of communication, either voice call, chat, video call, or a combination of all three. Instead of signing up on any random website, check if this specific website or app has the features you need. 

Avoid Cliches

Whenever you look at a profile where the person is only sharing cliches or basic activities and personality traits, you will likely think they’re boring, fake, or catfishing. This applies to yourself as well. If someone enters your profile and finds only basic information or cliche sentences, they will not find you interesting or believe you are authentic. Try to avoid sharing stuff like “I love going to the beach” or “food is bae”. You can share the most interesting things about you that will make you stand out. Try to add pictures of yourself that support what you’re saying in your bio.

Ask a Friend for Help

To make sure that your profile looks nice and that people would actually want to approach you when they look at it, you can ask a friend for help. Getting someone else’s opinion will allow you to look at your profile from a stranger’s perspective. They can also help you pick out your best pictures and help you set up the profile.

Be Specific

You should be specific when writing about what you’re looking for in your partner. You need to also be realistic and not ask for the impossible. Try to focus more on the personality of the person, or the activities you would prefer if they are interested in, rather than their profession or physical appearance.

Online dating websites can be tricky sometimes, and not all profiles are authentic. You should be careful about who you’re communicating with and what information you’ll be sharing. When going on a first date with someone you’ve met online, try to pick somewhere public instead of inviting them over or going to their place. For extra safety, make sure to share your location with a family member or friend.