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How To Start A Beauty Blog And Profit From Your Favorite Hobby?

Anyone fond of cosmetics, perfumes, and various kinds of cosmetic procedures can start beauty blogging. And it doesn’t have to be a girl. Men are often very successful in this endeavor. Here’s how to start blogging.

To start blogging and become a successful beauty blogger, you need to test a huge number of cosmetics every day and still have time to communicate with the audience. As for a beauty blog, its owners are usually people with specialized education: makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers and barbers, cosmetologists, and other specialists from the beauty and fashion industry.

If female beauty bloggers mainly teach subscribers how to take care of themselves, do makeup, and find their own “zest,” male beauty bloggers approach blogging from a more practical point. They talk about the ingredients, write and shoot a lot about barbershops and give some style hacks. Among the male bloggers, many have achieved success on various blogging platforms and mainly thanks to a competent digital marketing strategy.

How To Start Blogging And Profit From It?

Getting started with a beauty blog can seem a challenge. Numerous guys are very skeptical about this. But why not give it a try? Here are some tips on how to start blogging in the beauty industry.

  • Niche selection

The first and most commonplace step is, of course, choosing a niche that you will talk about. Yes, the niche is beauty, but what exactly? Do you want to review men’s cosmetics or the mass market? Skincare or hairstyles? Test new products or focus on classics? The more specific and precise your topic is, the sooner you will find and conquer your audience.

To become a beauty blogger, you need to understand this topic. Let it be one topic for now, but close to you, and therefore understandable to the audience. They will feel it and want to return to you again.

  • Choosing a blogging platform

Don’t grab onto everything at once. Choose one platform where you will promote yourself and your blog. You can try several blogging platforms and concentrate on the one you like best.

  • If you prefer YouTube, you need to pay attention to the video sequence and video editing process (the platform is suitable for creating makeup tutorials); 
  • if Instagram — a beautiful photo; 
  • on Facebook — a balance between text and the visual aspect is important;
  • Telegram readers can only be attracted by original textual content.
  • Moreover, don’t forget about the mega-popular TikTok. 

These services have the highest traffic.

  • What do I need to start blogging?

Having decided on a niche, a blogging platform, and registered an account, you will have to deal with posting regularly. For this purpose, you will need:

  • photo and video equipment. At the very beginning, you may use a phone, for instance, the modern iPhone, Samsung, and others devices that have an excellent camera. Remember that you need the best camera for YouTube and the lavalier microphone;
  • post production software. It’s also important to equip yourself with post-production. You can find a video editor free tool that will help you create fantastic content from the start. It is essential to have good-quality content to attract and retain viewers;
  • a background that can be made of textiles, or paper. You can use your room or wallpaper for that as well;
  • photo and video editing software. You will have to correct the sound, add music, cut, crop, merge, and so on. Be very careful when choosing video editing software. The service should be user-friendly and easy to use.

Furthermore, if you prefer to run a video blog, you should record and upload videos only in the appropriate formats to the chosen blogging platform. You can read about this, as well as about the best MKV-to-MP4 converters for Mac on the net.

  • What to post on my beauty blog?

In vlogs and photo blogs, men usually review cosmetics, barbershops, stylish clothes and teach how to take care of their skin and appearance. They often test new products, such as a trimmer or teeth whitening paste.

First, you also need to spend some money on visiting trendy barbershops and doing reviews. The main thing is to pay special attention to all products, write and shoot quality materials. It’s critical for the content, in general, and image, in particular, to be of high quality.

You must find really interesting and relevant beauty trends because they attract a huge number of followers to your channel.

  • Do I need a digital marketing strategy?

Definitely. Since you’ve already decided on the blogging platform, got the best camera for youtube, a lavalier microphone, video editing software, and started posting various content, it’s time to move on to the digital marketing strategy and promote your blog.

A digital marketing strategy is a coherent set of steps based on digital marketing tools and tactics used to achieve the specific goals of your beauty blog.

You will have to work hard so that thousands or millions of people know about you and your hobby. You may need to turn to professionals and spend some money for a quality service. But it’s worth it, isn’t it?

  • Don’t buy followers

Numerous beauty bloggers make this mistake. They completely abandon the digital marketing strategy; they feel like they don’t need to get into the best camera for youtube, lavalier microphone, video editing software, and content quality. If you want to become a media person and make money on blogging, your best bet is to grow your audience organically. Yes, it’s not so easy and takes time.

But purchased followers are of no value because they don’t interact with your content and don’t increase engagement. And the less engagement is, the lower the chances that brands will want to cooperate with you.

  • Interact with your audience

Followers and how you interact with them play a major role on social networks. Engagement is one of the essential factors that will help you become a successful beauty blogger. When someone comments on your posts — reply, leave mutual likes and comments in their profile.

Some More Tips For Beauty Blogging

When making a choice in favor of such a profession, pay attention to additional tips:

  • Check popular thematic blogs, but don’t copy them. Find your unique idea.
  • Design your blog. Visually, your blog should look stylish and harmonious. Pay attention to the development of a unique logo. You can take beauty logo ideas on Pinterest.
  • Create 2-3 posts/videos on different topics, analyze the statistics of views and the number of comments for each of them. Choose the idea that subscribers liked the most.
  • Develop a style of communication with the audience. For instance, position yourself as an expert or a friend.
  • Choose the right format. Blogs with photos and text materials are suitable for shy people, vlogs — for active ones who aren’t afraid to show themselves.
  • You will have to treat yourself — from manicure to skin condition because followers need an example to follow.

Lots of people think that the beauty industry is more suitable for girls than for guys, but the world is changing rapidly. This profession is interesting, but it requires full dedication. You need to create and add content constantly. Otherwise, your audience will simply lose interest. Take your chance, and you will succeed. Good luck!