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Modern Gentleman’s Style Hacks: How To Dress Like a Gentleman Everyday

You know that feeling when you’re trying on clothes, and nothing fits? It’s a frustrating sensation, especially if there is something nice in the store that you want to buy. But, you should never have this problem again once you read this blog post! All it takes are a few simple style hacks that don’t even require much effort. So, follow these steps to dress like a gentleman every day, so you always look your best.

Style Hacks

Wear Clothes and Shoes of Your Size

Wearing clothes and shoes of your size is a style hack that every gentleman should know. If you are unsure about your feet size, go to a physical store or visit websites like, where they can arrange to measure your feet for free before you buy a pair.

You should also know what looks good on you, so it’s best to try out different types of clothing and shoes in person before buying them online. 

Dressing in clothes and shoes that are the right size will make you look taller, slimmer, and more elegant. The same applies to suits; by wearing an off-the-rack suit without alterations to the waistline or sleeves, it can be a struggle to maneuver your arms through the armholes of jackets. 

An excellent quality suit should have enough fabric around its seams so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort when sitting down. 

Pay Attention to Detail

The style hacks devil is in the detail. It’s worth taking a few minutes to carefully polish your shoes and iron your shirts before you head out for the day. When deciding on what clothes to wear, pay attention to every little detail: where will any buttons pop? which belt would look best with this shirt? Are there spots of dirt or stains on anything? 

These things may seem insignificant, but they all add up. At worst, these small details will detract from an otherwise great outfit, so take some time to make sure everything looks sharp!

Go for Excellent Quality

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe and dress like a gentleman, then make sure that everything from your shoes and socks all the way up is of excellent quality. Pay attention to detail, and don’t buy anything on impulse; clothes are an investment not just for yourself but also for those who will share in them with you. 

If something needs fixing or replacing after it’s worn out, get rid of it instead of making excuses why you should keep it around. You’ll save money even if you have to spend more up front by buying higher-quality items while simultaneously avoiding wasting precious time maintaining cheaply made clothing.

Learn How To Maintain Your Suits and Leather Accessories

Modern gentlemen know how to dress well. They also take care of their clothes and accessories, so they last longer. Many men struggle with laundry day, but modern gentleman’s style hacks can help you get ahead of the game by learning how to maintain your suits and leather accessories in a way that’s easy for everyone. 


In conclusion, as a modern gentleman, you should always be stylish without your style hacks looking too flashy. Your style hacks are your defining characteristic, and set the tone for how others perceive you.