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Traditionally, it’s difficult to get into a “functional” footwear choice without completely jettisoning style. If you want function, you’ve gotta sacrifice style. But the lads and lasses over at DZR have given that notion the bird with their line of cycling shoes. We grabbed a pair of their Shift line to give you the down-low on whether these kicks perform on the streets and on aesthetics.

Billed as urban bike sneakers, the Shift line features bicycle-inspired design choices everywhere. From the stiffened midsole designed for better power transfer while pedaling to the chain-links grip pattern, these shoes are all about that two wheel life.  We especially liked the street art details on the interior and tongue featuring art by Burrito Breath. It’s these small details that elevate the Shift from normal sneaker to astute night-out choice. Add in the function of pedal-power features and what we have here is a winner.

Actual wear time has been comfortable and drama free for us here at The Factory. That chain-inspired tread grips like a mofo, and the rubber lip has already withstood some decent abuse from us while tooling in the workshop.  As far as saddle time, the chassis of the shoe does indeed feel stiffer and better engineered for pedaling than many of our other everyday shoes. DZR has really impressed us with the Shift, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Function and style? Sign us up any day.

Adam Kaslikowski
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