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How To Properly Take Care Of Your Feline Friend

Taking proper care of your feline friend starts with looking into its needs and ensuring they are comfortable in the house. You need to ensure your cat feeds healthily, stays in a clean place, and is comfortable at all times. Your cat’s stay should also not interfere with your everyday living. You have to make sure its litter and other inconveniences are taken care of. According to experts, you are supposed to start right in taking care of your cat. This idea avoids having to train your cat to adopt some of the conditions. 

This article will discuss some ways in which you can adequately take care of your cat. Here are the recommended tips.

Brush your cat regularly

If not every day, you should try to brush your cat’s fur regularly. Why is this necessary? Brushing your cat prevents the hairballs, which grow in the digestive tract. Most cats prefer grooming themselves as per their nature. Brushing or grooming them will help in removing the loose hair and make your cat stay healthy. When is the best time to groom your cat? 

Experts recommend grooming your cat during happy times. This will make the combing process easier and enjoyable. The cat’s happy times are when the cat is playing with you or before meals since they will sense you are preparing them to eat. If not at home, you should get someone to be grooming your cat.

Provide a sufficient number of litter boxes

Unlike other pets, cats require a designated place to drop their litter. This situation means you need to provide a litter box for your cat. How well should the litter box be? First, you need to ensure the litter box is well prepared for your feline. A well-prepared litter box ensures your cats help themselves well and prevents the litter from sticking in their furs and paws. When this sticking happens, you are at risk of stepping in cat litter since they will carry the waste wherever they go. Experts also recommend having an extra litter box for your cats. For instance, if you have two cats, ensure you have three litter boxes and so on. Ensure these boxes are placed apart so as the cats choose what to use. Cats prefer helping themselves in vulnerable places, and having well-placed litter boxes helps cater to their needs.

Please pay attention to their thirsty

Cats are not that thirsty, like dogs, but it’s essential to make sure they have access to clean drinking water. This should happen, especially if you give your feline some dry food and always show signs of being thirsty. Cats consume food that’s at least 70% water. If giving them less of this, you need to provide them with separate drinking water to take care of their thirst. The nursing and the elderly cats are the most vulnerable when it comes to thirst, and you have to be sure their water needs are met. You don’t wait until your cat is dehydrated to offer them water, as this already interferes with their health. Emergency precautions should be taken once there are signs of dehydration. These signs include sunken eyes, panting, and lethargy.

Do not give your cat too much dry food

Cats are not vegetarians, where most animals get their water from. At times, you won’t find them taking time to drink water. This situation means you should control the amount of dry food you give to them. The main meal for the cats is meat. If offering dry food, ensure it’s in small quantities, with some meat traces to make the cats take the meal. Feeding your cats with excess dry food will lead to them taking in too many carbs, which is not suitable for their health. Most dry foods have also been linked to type 2 diabetes and cats growing excessive fat. Most people who own both cats and dogs offer them the same food. That’s not right as the dog’s food can’t accommodate the cat’s needs. It is important to separate their foods and ensure the cats are fed as per their diet needs. The cat’s digestive system won’t break down carbohydrates like the dog’s system. 

Train cats to use a scratching post

Cats like clawing at all times, and it is part of their nature. It is crucial to have a scratching post placed in your house and train your cat in using it when clawing. Why is the training necessary? When you don’t train your cat to do so, it will end up scratching your expensive sofa and other furniture, thus damaging them. How do you train the cat to use the post? Ensure the post is placed at the center of where the cat spends its time. It shouldn’t be at the corner or any other distant place. Ensure you make it appealing to the cat and at times, sprinkle it with catnip to attract the cat. Once the cat is fond of using it, you can move it to a corner and gradually stop using the catnip. Your cat will start using the scratching post. You only need to make sure the post is not moved from its usual place.

Neuter or spay your cat

Cats, too, have hormones, and it’s important to spay or neuter them to control these hormones. For instance, female cats become too uncomfortable when on heat and might become sick or escape from your house to get a partner. Spaying or neutering them helps them stay safe in your house. When un-altered, the male cats will fight or become rowdy and may want to escape the house. Once a feline escapes from your house and returns, it can bring diseases and other infections, primarily through bites and bruises. Ensure you tame these cats. When you don’t tame the female, you must prepare yourself for additional kittens since they will come back pregnant. 

The above are some ways you can adequately take care of your cat at home. Other measures you can adopt are traveling safely with your cat and choosing a proper vet. When you adopt these measures, you will live comfortably with your feline friend.