How To Stay Fit When You Just Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym

No matter what your age is, you will need to have a couple of hours of exercise every week to keep your metabolism healthy and protect your joints. The Western lifestyle and diet is not particularly good for our health. While it is good news that we no longer have to chase after our dinner, we got a little lazy, sitting either in our cars or in front of the desk, putting a lot of pressure on our joints and not exercising our muscles enough. Going to the gym might not be the ideal way of working out for some people. Below you will find a few alternative fun ways to stay fit.


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Badminton is a great sport and a lot of fun. You don’t have to spend  a lot on the equipment. In fact, you will be able to get a good quality set for under a hundred dollars. You can either hire an indoor court to play with your friend, or simply set up your court in your garden, weather permitting. You will enjoy the game much more than doing repetitive moves in the gym, not to mention that you will get much more fresh air. Playing Badminton is also less intense than tennis.


Not many people know, but swimming is one of the best sports for joints and mobility issues. You will feel lighter, and find it easier to move about in the water. That is why loads of rehabilitation programs involve exercise in the water. You will be able to unwind and listen to your busy mind, and set yourself a new target every time you go. A 30-minute swim will burn 150-300 calories, and move all parts of your body, unlike some of the exercises you could opt for in the gym,  


If you love a beach holiday, and the water, why not try a new watersport this year? Surfing will not only help you with your balance, but you will also be a having loads of fun and soak in Vitamin D which is essential for your body to absorb calcium. You can try surfing at any age; while it is a sport that is popular among teenagers, you will be able to enjoy it in your 70s, too. It is also an extremely relaxing activity, and keep you toned and fit.


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To try something new, improve your balance, and have some fun almost anywhere, you should take a taster session in paddleboarding. It is a fantastic alternative to surfing, and you will improve your coordination and focus while you are mastering the skills. Paddleboards are also cheaper than surf boards, and you will move and exercise your upper body, as well as your legs and hips. In case you are worried about joint issues and osteoporosis, this might be the watersport you want to give a go.


Some people say that golf is all about walking around the court, and it is only suitable for older people. In fact, it is a fun way to combine socializing with exercise and to get out into the fresh air, improve you mood by looking at the greenery, and enjoying the sunshine. You can pick up quality golf clubs for less than you would think and enjoy the game of the businessmen and upper classes. You will not only exercise your body, but also your mind, and work on improving your technique and strategy every time. Not to mention that you can make some new friends or catch up with people you would not meet up with regularly otherwise.

Tai Chi

One of the best ways of protecting your joints and resetting your energy levels in your body is Tai Chi. There are several online Tai Chi courses for seniors and beginners, so you can have a taste of what it is all about before you make a decision. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of space to do your practice, and you can do it any time you need an energy boost and would like to improve your posture, mood, or energy levels.


There are different styles of yoga, depending on your fitness level and preferences. If you have asthma or joint issues, it is recommended that you start with the more gentle ones before you increase the intensity of your practice. Yoga doesn’t only have physical benefits, but it also offers more clarity and focus in your life, and the meditation will allow you to reset your busy mind and let go of negative energy or thoughts.


In case you don’t want to get bored while exercising, you can also join a bowling club where you meet like minded people, exercise, and socialize at the same time. This sport is all about the mind and body working together and mastering one or more techniques. You can play occasionally, whenever you have time, and don’t need to commit yourself to a weekly routine. Bowling can lift your mood, improve your balance and coordination, and strengthen your arm muscles, too.


Some people don’t consider darts as sports, and they only think about it as an activity people do in the pub while drinking gallons of beer. In fact, there are plenty of amateur and professional dart clubs all over the country, and you can learn a trick or two from your fellow members, while you socialize. Drinking while playing might not even be a good way, if you are serious about darts, as your coordination and mental clarity will suffer due to your alcohol consumption, not to mention the amount of carbs you would consume drinking beer all night.


In case you would like to try something new and improve your balance, coordination, and reflex, you might try yourself at fencing. It is a sport that will not only teach you legwork and planning, but also coordination and paying attention to what your opponent is doing. Unlike with wrestling and boxing, you are not likely to get injured, as you will wear a full armor, and play with sports swords that are not likely to cause any damage.

Nordic Walking

Older people who love walking and exploring nature would be able to step up their game and try Nordic walking. It is more beneficial for your body, as it moves more than your lower body. As you are walking with poles, you will help your body move your weight using your arms and shoulders. There are plenty of Nordic walking clubs forming every year, due to the proven benefits of the sport. If you love fresh air and would like to meet like minded people, maybe looking for a an exercise that will help you recover after an injury, you should definitely try this.

Rock Climbing

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There is something great about challenging your body and knowing that you can face danger, confident that your muscles and techniques will  not let you down. Rock climbing is a sport you can start at any age, and you can learn in a safe indoor environment, too before you hit the closest mountain range. All the safety training and equipment will be provided during the induction, so you just need to listen and master your skills to finally head out to tackle a real rock.

If you are thinking about investing in a fitness club membership and are not sure you would be able to put up with the environment and the repetitive sessions, you can find plenty of fun alternatives to stay fit.