How To Start 2020 Brilliantly

With Christmas now just weeks away, we know that 2020 is nearly here. Have you started thinking about it yet? Have you started to make any plans? If you are anything like us, you probably haven’t thought much beyond Christmas and maybe making a few plans for New Year’s Eve. That is why today we want to get you thinking about next year and kicking it off with a bang as we share a few suggestions around how to start 2020 brilliantly.

Get those oddjobs out of the way now

There are always a handful of things that we keep meaning to do but never manage to get round to, aren’t there? They are never quite urgent enough to move to the top of our to-do list, but they continue to lurk at the back of our mind as we know that we really should get them done. That is why we would recommend that you get those oddjobs out of the way now and go into 2020 free of them.

This could be absolutely anything, from a leaking faucet that you keep meaning to fix to arranging a small engine repair to filing some paperwork and dealing with your clutter. Take an hour or two out and get things done now. 

Plan something to look forward to in January

Set out to have a good 2020 by beginning the year with doing something that you love. Plan something to look forward to in January and it will help to lift you out of any post-Christmas blues. 

You might make a date to catch up with friends doing something that you all love together, whether that is an action-packed few hours or just relaxing and chatting, drinking coffee. You could book yourself some theater tickets or get a reservation at your favorite restaurant mid-month as you know that that never disappoints. Or go bigger and treat yourself to a minibreak to a far flung destination. 

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you have something in your diary to ensure that you have a positive start to the year.

Do not make resolutions

We know, we know, everyone goes on about making resolutions for the new year and here we are telling you not to. But bear with us, we think that we are talking sense.

How do you feel at the start of January? Wishing that you still had Christmas and the holidays to look forward to? Do you have an eye on your next holiday already? We very rarely feel at our best in early January. Most of us are wishing that we could still be eating Christmas food and lounging around with friends and family. With all of this is mind, does now seem like a good time to make sweeping new plans and resolutions? Now you are with us.

Making resolutions at this time of year tends to put pressure on us, a pressure that we just do not need. As such, we suggest that you completely ignore them. Make plans, book things to look forward to, just do not force yourself to up your game when you are barely wanting to crawl out of your cave.