Useful Tips for Planning the Perfect Wine Night

If you are a wine enthusiast, chances are that you enjoy sharing a wine night with your friends now and then. While enjoying wine is an experience in and of itself, there is nothing like planning a perfect night for you and your partner or a group of friends. From finding the right wine to pairing it with the right foods, planning a perfect night is not as difficult as you may think, and with some simple tips, you can enjoy every step of the planning process.

Have The Right Tools On Hand

While it may seem like this is something you can forego, having the right tools on hand can make your wine night more enjoyable. First of all, you will need to know which glasses are best for your wine. Some wines are better enjoyed in certain glasses, so if you want to try new varieties, it would be helpful to have the proper glassware. Another tool you must not forget need is the proper opener. While you can typically use an opener, the best wine opener for home use, as recommended by experts, is a simple waiters corkscrew. Lastly, if you are going to drink some quality red wine, make sure you have a proper decanter. This will allow you to expose the wine to oxygen and release some of the aromas, providing a more pleasant experience. So make sure to visit a store specializing in these types of tools and find everything you need for a great night ahead.

Find The Good Quality Wine

This does not mean that you should only buy expensive wines but it does help to choose those that will combine well and look attractive on your table. If you are planning on serving reds, choose those that complement each other, and if possible go for those which come from the same region of origin so they can be enjoyed together best. If you know anything about wine regions, find wines that are of the same origin and enjoy them together. If you know the sorts your guest like, make sure to get wines they will enjoy. For instance, if you know that your friends love sauvignon blanc, then go with something more aromatic but still uncomplicated. On the other hand, if they prefer red Primitivo, then you can try getting a few bottles of different wines with rich, earthy flavors.

Pair The Wines With The Right Foods

While it may seem hard to pair wines with food, this is easy if you have a few simple recommendations at hand. First of all, try pairing reds with meats and cheeses. When wine and cheese are combined, this is called a wine and cheese pairing. Many combinations work perfectly but try to go for those that do not overshadow the flavors of each other. Mild cheeses like Brie will pair well with sweet wines like Cava, while bolder cheeses like gorgonzola or Roquefort, which already have stronger flavors will pair better with full-bodied reds like Zinfandel. If you are planning on serving only reds, go for bologna and salami since they will pair well with the smoky flavors of this type of wine.

Set The Right Mood

When people think about wine night, they usually imagine a dinner party in which the wines are the main attraction. While this is one way to enjoy it, there are other settings in which you can host a wine night, depending on your preferences and the occasion. If you already have a dinner party planned for another occasion but still want to enjoy wine with friends or family members, why not set up a separate table where you serve only reds? Make sure that everyone attending knows that they will be tasting fine wines during this time so as not to ruin the surprise. Another great idea is to combine your love of wine with an evening outdoors. No matter if it’s warm or cold outside, having your food cooked over an open grill while sipping fine wines will certainly make for a pleasant evening.

Have Some Fun Optional Ingredients

If you want to try something new and fun, this is another option to consider when planning your wine night. There are many recipes in which you can add some red wine to improve the flavors or create a different experience altogether. You can use wine when cooking steak since its natural acidity creates a tenderizing effect on the meat. Add it while you prepare risotto or paella, but do not forget that it imparts flavor so be careful not to overdo it with the amount of liquid added. Lastly, there is nothing more than creating your wine sauce over pasta or vegetable dishes thanks to the great flavors of fine wines like Chianti.

Wine Night

Hosting a wine night is a wonderful experience for those who love fine wines. To make everything goes smoothly, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above and you will be surprised with the results. Some people tend to say that everything starts with great planning and if done right, your wine night will be a fun and pleasurable experience for everyone involved, that may even turn into a tradition.