5 Ways To Deal With Your Clutter

Clutter can make your home less welcoming, more difficult to clean and less specious. There are even links between clutter and increased stress levels, which can also affect sleep quality.

All in all, a cluttered home isn’t healthy. But just what should you do with all that stuff in your home? Here are just five ways to deal with your clutter.

Relocate it

Not all clutter needs to be removed. Some of it may simply need relocating. This could include moving seasonal items to the attic or buying extra storage units for keeping certain items in. You could even look into renting external storage. Companies at sites like https://www.mybekins.com/location/wilkes-barre-pa-movers/ can help you relocate you possessions to these external storage units. This could be useful for hobbyist equipment that you may want to keep, but that could be taking up valuable space in your home.

Sell it

You may be able to make money out of some of the clutter that you don’t need. You can log in to sites such as https://my.gumtree.com/login and sell your unwanted possessions online, whether it’s clothes or ornaments. Providing they’re in good condition and you’re offering a fair price, you’ll find a buyer. Other methods of selling your clutter could involve attending flea markets or hosting a garage sale.

Donate it

Donating your clutter could be another option. Many people donate to charity stores as a way of getting rid of possessions easily while also potentially raising money for charity. A lot of people also donate old furniture and appliances as a way of getting these big items of their hands. You may not get much financial reward, but donating is worth the reward of knowing that you’ve helped someone out.

Recycle it

Recycling items could be another option. Certain broken items like electronics can be sent away to be recycled for cash at sites like https://www.recyclezone.org.uk/blog/earn-money-recycling-a-used-electronics-price-guide/. Other items may not be worth anything to recycle, but could be worth recycling simply for the environmental impact such as wood and glass.  

Take a look at the machines in your home too. Washing machines, tumble dryers, and cookers can all be dismantled and the parts can be used again. However, your machines may still be in working order so be sure to check before recycling. You may just need to replace a part like NEMA 14-50 and GFCI to keep your machines ticking over for a bit longer.

Chuck it

Any items that you don’t want to keep that cannot be sold, donated or recycled should be chucked in the trash. Chucking items away should be the last resort – it’s the least profitable and the least environmentally friendly option.