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How to Install a Big Screen TV

Install a big screen TV on your wall and your room will look great. It is also an excellent way to maximize the space in your rooms. With a wall-mounted TV, you won’t need a big cabinet to stand the TV on so that can free up space for other furniture. Because modern TVs are so slim, if you mount your TV correctly then it will look ultra-sleek. Many people are worried that with a wall-mounted TV they won’t be able to hide all the wires as they would behind a TV cabinet but this is not the case.

Here is how to install a big screen TV with sleek, undetectable mounting.

1. Choose Your TV Mount

The first thing you will need to do is to choose the best wall mount for your TV. There are reliable TV wall mounting services available who will be able to help you if you don’t know which to choose. A fixed wall mount will hold your TV in a stationary position flush against your wall. A swivel wall mount will enable you to adjust the angle of the TV screen so that you get the best view from your position in the room. A tilting mount enables you to angle the TV screen downwards which is useful if the TV is mounted high up. 

Finally, a full-motion mount combines the horizontal pivot capabilities of a swivel mount with the vertical angling capabilities of the tilting mount. This gives you the ultimate control over screen position. When choosing your mount, make sure that it is big enough and strong enough to hold the TV which you are planning to install as many mounts have the size and weight limits. 

2. Choose the Best Place to Mount the TV

You cannot just mount your TV in any old place on the wall. You have to assess the space and choose the optimum position for the best views and the most space saved. You should choose a spot where you can easily access your electricity sockets, the cable TV input sources, and other connections for sound accessories like speakers or surround sound units. 

You will also need to take into account where you will put the cable box, Playstation, and any other equipment you intend to connect to the TV. If you are installing the TV on a full-motion mount, you may be able to fit a shelf for these things behind the swivel arm. The wall itself must be a weight-bearing wall that is strong enough to hold four times the weight of everything you plan to mount.

3. Decide on the Perfect Height

Generally speaking, the perfect height of a TV screen for optimal viewing is eye level but this is usually too low for a wall-mounted TV. Many people instead mount their TV with the bottom of the screen at eye level when seated or the top of the screen at eye level when standing. As long as the TV is mounted around this height then it should be comfortable to watch. 

4. Find the Studs

If you have plaster walls, it is vital that you attach the TV mount to the studs because otherwise, the wall will not be able to support the weight. After you have found the best spot for the TV, use a stud finder to locate two studs to screw into. It is important to note that if you are mounting the TV onto a bare brick wall then you won’t need to find the studs. You can instead fasten the mount using masonry anchors which will do the job perfectly.

5. Attach the Mount and the TV

Once you have located the studs, you can mark out where the holes will go and attach the mount. It is so important that you double and triple-check the position so that you don’t drill holes into your walls for no reason. Use a spirit level and a pencil to make sure that the mount will be level and have a friend help you if necessary. Once you have attached the TV with the mounting plate, you will be able to hide all the wires using a cord cover so that the whole setup looks absolutely flawless.

Knowing how to install a big screen TV isn’t difficult as long as you follow the right steps. Choose the best type of mount and then locate the best spot for you to see the TV perfectly. Make sure that you are attaching the mount to the studs or with secure anchors and then hide the cords with a cord cover. Your TV will look super sleek and you will have the perfect entertainment setup.